Client Billing


Struggling to manage all your due payments?

Working on different projects and different clients as a freelancer can be very challenging. Especially when it comes to the client billing step. This is where we can help you. Focus on your work and let us handle the billing.

With our client billing we easen up your work by giving you the opportunity to bill your clients by different categories. Whether a monthly invoice or project work being done billing for freelance work is transparent and simple.

You can keep track of all your payments, stay organized and most importantly satisfied. Using our client billing solution can help you to increase your efficiency and start focusing on new ideas. In one sentence - we will get the administrative burden of your back!


Making payment simple


Native Teams makes sure you get just the best bits of being a freelancer. All the freedom, flexibility and professional satisfaction you need!

Our client billing feature can help you keep track of the payments you need, and make sure you stay organized without wasting so much time on the administrative part.


No more incorrect or late payments. We can help you maintain a steady cash flow. Generate and send invoices with a couple of clicks.

We provide you with an invoicing platform right there within Native Teams. We follow your raised invoices on your behalf ensuring you maintain great client relations, separating work and chasing!


Whether you work in several countries throughout the year or just one, we ensure that your payments go to the right places in the right amount.

Once the client sends the money to us, we disburse funds as necessary: Money to you, the tax man paid and social security costs covered.

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