The paperless future of work

Tired of searching and sorting different documents everyday? Save yourself a time and headache with our Documents feature.

Get organized and never lose a document again. The Documents section in Native Teams is the perfect repository for all your HR documentation whether you are employer, employee or freelancer.

Employment contracts, employee handbooks, client documentation and more, can easily be stored and shared within the organization from one place. The best way to optimize processes, increase productivity, reduce paperwork in a smarter and more efficient way.


Stay organized


Store all your documents within Native Teams app. Automate the administrative processes at your company and have access to all HR documents in one place.

It's easy to organise your workplace and keep your team in the know. By having stored all your documents online, important information can be shared across your organisation with one click.


Access everything you need from anywhere. You can access your employment contracts, handbooks and everything you need from the administrative side for regular employment.

You can upload your own documents, invoices, CV, ID documents and work visas. Share with your employer, team mates or just keep it stored in the app.


Working on different projects for different clients can be a real challenge, but keeping track of all the documentation is even more.

Organize and manage your documents with Native Teams. Keep track of every document you have while working on various tasks.

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