Too many people off at the same time?

Not anymore. Manage your holiday requests with a few clicks and from one place, automated.

Our holiday feature makes approving or rejecting holiday requests quick and seamless. No more managing holiday requests the old fashioned way, by hand, with a ton of paper forms and boring complex calculations.

With the Native Teams Holiday feature you can manage holidays as for yourself, for your employees or as a freelancer. Everyone in the team can view the annual leave they have booked or already taken through the year. They can also check their remaining balance.


Plan ahead


As long as you manage your staff right and have their holiday schedule planned well in advance you will not be in chaos due to staff shortage.

All of the request and approval workflows are automated. You can view and approve submitted requests with one click even if you’re both on the other side of the world. With 24/7 easy access to your holiday records, see at a glance who is off when, and what allowances any team members have.


Map out holidays leave in advance. All of your time off will be recorded in our app and available to see it whenever you want.

With our Holiday feature each employee can access their own holiday information. You can plan your holidays, submit requests and when approved have it added in your calendar and any remaining leave is calculated automatically.


One of the major advantages of being freelance is that you can theoretically take time off whenever you like, without asking anyone for it.

But, informing your clients about your holiday plans they'll appreciate it. Manage your yearly vacation leave while working on different projects with our Holiday feature so your clients know when you are off.

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