Hotdesk Booking


See the world as you work remotely

Imagine having the world to be your office. That's possible with our hotdesk booking feature. The word coworking is not just a word from the future, it's just the way we work.

Collaboration is the software, coworking is the hardware. We are collaborating with coworking spaces around the globe to make your working much more enjoyable and fun.

Seaview, mountain view or an office full of entertainment? These and much more with Native Teams. Work from any of our Co-Working office partners. Use it locally - somewhere to sit that isn’t home! - and Globally, when a change of scene beckons!


What’s there for all of you?


We have global coworking office partners that give your employees the opportunity to rent their office for the day, anywhere. Coworking will make them feel like a part of a bigger community.

For you as an employer or for your team, all benefits of a coworking atmosphere included. It’s easy, join us and join a big and global coworking community.


Bored from working in your pyjamas or in the same office? You can work from a different place and kill your boredom.

With our hotdesk booking feature we let you fly, metaphorically and literally. Choose your favourite spot, locally or globally and enjoy working. It is simple as it sounds!


Locally or globally - it is up to you ! Sky's the limit when it comes to choosing your next location.

You already love freedom, we know, so we give you the wings to fly to your next desk space anywhere in the world. Choose with a few clicks and rent a coworking space in your dream destination. We partner to offer you the world as an office.

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Become Part of a bigger Team

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