Notice Boards


Stay connected and informed while working remotely

Do you want to share something within your organization and your teammates? You can easily share information and stay connected while working remotely with Native Teams Notice Boards.

Imagine it as a traditional bulletin board that you have in the office where you and your teammates add your notes, but now can be done virtually.

The main goal of our Notice Boards is that they are a place where you can post social activities, work-related events, conferences, and meetings. Beside this kind of events, you can also post about events that will happen after working hours, which can encourage people to interact with each other and build better communication within the office.


Your online sticky notes


Notice Boards in Native Teams can be used to share important internal company information, as well as statutory notices and documentation that legally has to be shared by an employer.

Internal communication is playing the most important role to keep all the employees always in a loop. Can serve as a great inspiration to motivate and empower your employees.


Our Notice Boards can save employees from the hassles of sorting superfluous emails and tons of information. Can help to stay organized, save time and boost productivity.

It’s very simple to use. First add your note, attach any photo or document you want to share and choose the people you want to see the note. Share your updates or information and receive feedback at any time.


Have a virtual space where you can post short text notes in the same way that you could put post-it notes onto a real notice board.

Even if you work on different projects your notes can be shared between different people around the world. As well as text notes you can add images, video and links to other websites.

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