Global employment, localized payroll

We care about your company and your people. We have a global payroll solution for employers that helps you pay your employees with ease.

Employers can manage their payments for their employees, and authorize payments with one click no matter in which country they live in (remember we believe in NO borders for productivity).

The best part of our payments solution is that you are not limited to one currency, the employers see the currencies that they are familiar with and the employees receive funds in their local currency. Our tools give you the power to view and manage all your payroll information on your own time.


Approve payroll with a single click


Pay Native Teams in your preferred currency and we will convert to all required local currencies and disseminate onwards to your employees.

With our local tax experts in every covered country, we make it easy to manage and pay your taxes.


Work for any employer, anywhere in the world while being properly employed and paid in your currency.

Receive your payments in your local currency and be 100% legitimate in terms of banks and credit reference agencies.With our in-country payroll solutions, you always get paid on time and in full.


Add and store all your employees' payroll details in one place. You can easily access, edit or delete important payroll information whenever you need it.

Each employee can see their pay and benefits within their individual file and download when they need it. It's a simple and easy way for employers and employees to keep track on.

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