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We partner with the hottest software platforms, for you!

You don’t need to go to deals sites to get what you need - you can find it on our platform. We’re not just about employment, we have included all the best bits of doing what you love all in one place.

We understand that software is essential for work, productivity and collaboration between teams, and using the right software makes a difference in work and efficiency. Based on their subscription, Native Teams members have access to software bundles within our platform.

Premium software is also available on our platform. Collaborating directly with companies offering premium software additionally boosts up what you get as a member, and that is because we wanted to save the best for the best.


Bundled with care

Software Discount

Offering software bundle discounts is part of our bigger plan for your growth. Having the right software for work makes a big difference so we are offering it directly on our platform.

Our bundles are limited collections of software products made more accessible price-wise. You can find everything you need at a glance and we’re making this list bigger by day.

Premium Deals

Enjoy the easiest way to get to premium deals on the software you need. Your code for discount is being a Native Teams user, a simple win-win for everyone.

Our premium deals and offering are constantly getting bigger because we listen to your needs and goals and we want to make work more fun and productive.

Custom Bundles

Software packages, premium software deals and why not even custom bundles? We all work differently so we must have different needs when it comes to productivity tools and software.

You can save money on software by purchasing a custom bundle too! Can't find the bundle you want? No worries, contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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