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If you’re an employer that works with a remote or hybrid team (or wants to hire and build one) then you’re in the right place!

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Remote Work Productivity

  • Get the most from your Remote TeamNative Teams helps make sure we get the most from your remote team. We deliver engagement, employment and empowerment that enhances productivity.
  • International Flexibility Built InNative Teams is optimised for remote, and that means international too. We let you manage remote teams in other countries as easily as you can in your backyard.

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Inspiring your team to be the best they can

Native Teams lets you deliver for your remote team members (and contractors) in the same way you would for those working in your home office or on your doorstep. All those little touches and extras you offer at home, Native Teams delivers locally and globally.

This means inspired team members with the spark to do their very best for your business, bringing their ‘A’ game every day as Native Teams helps you deliver the best employer experience to them.

You, Employer. Native Teams, Employer of Record

It’s a big, wide world out there. Wherever you’re based as a company, it’s always good to have the widest options when it comes to talent. We let you employ them ‘like a local’, ensuring your team is employed ‘properly’ wherever in the world they call home.

We take your normal employment terms, and translate these (in principle, not only language) to then deliver these ‘back to back’ in-country with our local entity being the local employer.

The best thing you can do for your people is empower them

We work with you to give your people the wings to fly in their careers within your business. We help develop training, explore goals, run review cycles and shape how you hope your team can be across your company, across the globe.

We go beyond the metaphorical though: Our Empowerment module gives your people a friendly face and capacious desk in whatever city they want to call home, all via our app.

Pass the Remote Let us take the strain.

  • Join usSign up for the plan that most suits your remote team needs. Engagement, employment and empowerment.
  • Employ like a local, globallyWhen you join Native Teams you can work with colleagues anywhere. We act as an employer of note, where needed.
  • Maximise Productivity & Satisfaction!We help get the most from your remote team. The most productivity and the most professional satisfaction!
  • Together we are Native TeamsWe work together with you to achieve your remote team ambitions. We motivate, grow and build stronger teams together!

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We created Native Teams because we needed it as much as you do!

Working with people from all over the world is so much fun but also has its challenges. I wanted to employ them in their countries but it was such a hussle. Then, we came up with a solution for us but also for other thoughtful employers globally. Now, we got them all under a proper company without having to move borders :) What is powerful is that with the three E’s approach, we built a team, previously it felt like a bunch of people working together behind a screen. Now we are a happy team and we don’t just work as we found the magic formula to make for a living with satisfaction, everyday!

Alex M.