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Be location independent in life + business. Be Employed, Engaged and Empowered while freelancing.

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Live a fulfilling life on your own terms. Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
Be part of our community, a melting pot of inspiring individuals from every corner of the globe.


Get Remote[ivated]

Giving you more ‘get up and go’ (to work)

Location independence doesn’t mean you are alone! Native Teams delivers all the sugar and spice that makes life nice as a freelancer or remote worker. We give you a ready-made team you can co-work, co-live and socialize with.

We offer you a virtual place where people from diverse walks of life could unite and be inspired, chat about professional topics or just random stuff.

Your friend with benefits. Literally.

Being a freelancer is AMAZING. The best career-choice bar-none, until it isn’t. The ‘isn’t’ is when the freedom and flexibility of freelancing butts up against convention and the stigma of living life on your own terms.

Native Teams gives you an ‘employer of record’ that ticks the ‘conventional’ box - for governments, banks and more - while you blaze the trail of life.

Native Teams has your back and helps you thrive

Let us take care of you! Our Empowerment features let you fly, metaphorically and literally. We work with you to help shape and enhance your career, find new clients and manage relationships. We are your support team, and have your back through your professional journey.

Part of our Empowerment offering gives you much greater global flexibility to work wherever you want. Get a hotdesk booking and work from any of our partners offices. Use it locally - somewhere to sit that isn’t home! - and Globally, when a change of scene beckons!

Strive To Be Better, Together

None of us is as smart as all of us!
Be inspired, collaborate or ask for help from the community. We help each other.

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Use Cases

“I always thought having a ‘proper’ job meant going to an office and working next to your colleagues. However, Native Teams opened my eyes to the world of working virtually alongside a team. I have never personally met my teammates, and I was at first worried that I wouldn’t bond with them or that our work ethic wouldn’t match.”

LissyProduct Owner

“Native Teams provides a safe environment for remote workers. Paperwork, transactions, holidays and many more are so simple to find. You have everything you need under a single dashboard page. It’s the future platform for every employee that works remotely!2

NailaProject Manager

“The idea of working from home seems like a sad and depressing thought especially if you are an extrovert. Fortunately with Native teams things are different, I never felt like i am working far from my colleagues, apart from working hard and being productive we always have time for fun activities through chat or zoom call.”

DimitrisFront-end Developer

Become Part of a bigger Team

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Become Part of a bigger Team

Join Native Teams