Freelancer Payment Gateway Solutions

With Native Teams, you can pay your remote employees quickly and legally or receive payments from clients efficiently. Now you can finally say goodbye to country restrictions, lengthy processes, and unnecessary fees!

Native Teams | Freelancer Payment Gateway Solutions

What is a freelancer payment gateway?

The Native Teams ‘freelancer payment gateway’ makes it easy for you to send or receive your online payments when you work remotely or collaborate with freelancers and remote workers. Our payment solutions are designed to help the new generation of remote workers and employers manage their payments in the most efficient way possible.

Native Teams | What is a freelancer payment gateway?
Native Teams | How does Native Teams freelancer payment gateway work?

How does Native Teams freelancer payment gateway work?

If you’re a company, you can use our payment solutions to pay your freelancers and contractors quickly and without any hidden costs. And if you’re working as a freelancer or remote worker, you can use Native Teams to send invoices or payment requests to your clients and receive payments legally and compliantly. Our solutions are perfect for solopreneurs without a registered company.

Features of freelancer payment gateway with Native Teams

Invoicing tools

Invoice your local and international clients with Native Teams. Save invoice templates and receive payments for your projects even if you don’t have a registered company.

Native Teams | Invoicing tools
Native Teams | Payment requests

Payment requests

Pay or get paid when you freelance or work remotely. Our payment request automation service allows you to set up one-time or recurring payments on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs. Enjoy more control, better tracking, and secure transactions with Native Teams.

Virtual wallet

Native Teams’ Virtual Wallet allows you to manage all of your money transactions from one place. You can check out your available balance, see past transactions and easily exchange between available currencies.

Native Teams | Virtual wallet
Native Teams | Native Teams card

Native Teams card

Our Native Teams card lets you pay online or offline anywhere in the world quickly and securely. Make international payments a breeze with our secure payment system powered by cutting-edge technology.

The benefits of using the Native Teams freelancer payment gateway

Native Teams | Benefits of using Native Teams

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Whether you're a freelancer or remote worker, Native Teams makes it easy to invoice and collect payments from clients. With our easy-to-use platform, you can receive client payments in a few clicks. In addition, you don't need a registered company to receive payments because Native Teams is a legal entity.