Gender Equality

Step into a world of limitless possibilities where gender knows no bounds. Join us on a transformative journey towards a future of inclusivity, understanding, and unity. We are passionate advocates of gender equality, breaking down barriers, and shattering stereotypes!

Native Teams | Gender Balance
Native Teams | Gender Balance

Striking the perfect balance: unleashing the power of gender equality!

Breaking barriers with a diverse team: 55.5% women and 44.5% men shaping success in the company.

Gender Equality

Empowering leadership with a perfect balance: 9 female and 9 male managers driving the company's vision forward.

Explore our departmental list showcasing the brilliant talents of women and men in every role.


A global synergy unfolds! This vibrant list reveals the dynamic representation of team members from diverse countries, igniting collaboration and innovation.

Balancing the equation! Our survey shows a 13,30% gender pay gap, but a change is on the horizon for equal pay.

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Native Teams - where all voices thrive!

At Native Teams, we believe that true progress is achieved when all voices are heard, and all genders are empowered. Our unwavering commitment to gender equality fuels our mission to create a world where everyone thrives without limitations. Join us in this groundbreaking movement as we challenge norms, inspire change, and foster an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated!