Invoice Without a Company

Native Teams gives you the easiest way to legally invoice your clients worldwide without your own company. Upgrade your solo business today and start collecting your well-deserved payments.

Native Teams | Invoice Without a Company
Native Teams | Invoice Without a Company

How can you invoice without a company

Through Native Teams, you can invoice your clients without registering or opening your own business entity. Once you sign up, you can immediately start invoicing your clients anywhere in the world with our robust and easy-to-use invoicing system.

Invoicing features

Invoicing system

Use Native Teams to easily invoice your local and international clients without a company. Simply add the invoice details, amount, and recipient and get ready to receive your payment.

Native Teams | Invoicing system
Native Teams | Virtual wallet

Virtual wallet

A multi-currency digital wallet for storing and managing your assets.It gives true flexibility for our users to manage incoming payments and to decide how they want to access those funds: through the payroll system or otherwise. Each account comes with an IBAN.

Payment requests

Request instant payments through Native Teams. You can choose between one-time payment or recurring weekly/monthly automatic payments. Receive the money directly to your Native Teams virtual wallet or the expense card.

Native Teams | Payment requests
Native Teams | Native Teams card

Native Teams card

The Native Teams expense cards are linked to the virtual multi-currency wallet allowing you to effortlessly transfer funds, make online or in-store purchases, monitor and track expense card transactions through one platform.

Benefits of using Native Teams to invoice your client without your own company

Native Teams | Benefits of using Native Teams

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Super easy! When you send invoices to your clients, they will be legally obliged to pay them because they’ve been sent through Native Teams. Once your invoices have been paid, the money will be added to your virtual wallet, which you can then transfer to your bank account.