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Business Growth In Eastern Europe

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Employment in Belarus

Belarus is a small country in Eastern Europe, bordering Ukraine and Russia. In the past years, the ICT sector has been growing rapidly as a result of systematic development.

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Belarusian & Russian




9.39 million


Belarusian ruble


60.26 billion USD

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Top Tech Cities in Belarus



The capital and largest city of Belarus

Population: 1.97 million

Companies outsourcing from minsk: EPAM, KPMG, Deloitte, Amazon

Top industries for Native Team building: Software Development, IT Services, Outsourcing

Popular destinations: Independence Square, Museum of Contemporary Art, Falcon Club

Famous for: Cat Museum, Theatre, Opera



Population: 558,000

Companies outsourcing from gomel: EPAM, Exadel, IBA Group

Top industries for Native Team building: IT Services, Consulting

Popular destinations: Gomel Palace, Observation Tower, Museum of Military Glory

Famous for: Sculpture Itchy Feet, Tsirk, Criminalistics museum



Population: 387,000

Companies outsourcing from grodno: EPAM, Amazon, Yandex

Top industries for Native Team building: Development, IT Services, Motion Picture

Popular destinations: Jesuit Cathedral, Park Zhilibera, Old Castle

Famous for: Military parade, writer’s house


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Facts about hiring in belarus

The Inside Track

About 95% of the employees belong to some sort of trade union in Belarus, and salaries are generally structured according to their tariff system. Normally, employment contracts are executed for an indefinite duration. They can also be implemented for a fixed term under special conditions, for the duration of seasonal work or a temporary contract covering the absence of another worker.

In Belarus, the standard working week consists of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Overtime is allowed only with the consent of the employee, and the overtime has to be compensated with either overtime pay or additional days off.

Employees in Belarus are entitled to a minimum of 24 days off per year. Moreover, Belarus celebrates 9 public holidays for which the employees are given a day off.

The maternity leave entitlement in Belarus is

✅126 days of paid maternity leave, which can be increased to 140 days if there are complications or if more than one child is born at the same time.

✅3 years of unpaid leave where the job position must be secured for the employee to resume once she returns

✅If the employee has another child during the 3 years of unpaid maternity leave, the maternity leave entitlement starts again.

Employees in Belarus are entitled to 80% pay during the first 12 days of sick leave and 100% pay for any days after that.

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