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Business Growth In Eastern Europe

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Employment in Moldova

Moldova is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe, bordering Romania and Ukraine. Its ICT sector is one of the most promising sectors, accounting for more than 10% of national GDP.

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2.61 million


Moldovan leu


11.91 billion

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Top Tech Cities in Moldova



The capital and largest city of Moldova

Population: 499,034

Companies outsourcing from chisinau: Google, Endava, Stefanini, Pentalog

Top industries for Native Team building: Software Development, IT Services

Popular destinations: Nativity Cathedral, Triumphal arch, Ștefan cel Mare Central Park

Famous for: Soviet mosaics, Jewish Cemetary, brutalist architecture



Population: 146,900

Companies outsourcing from balti: Deeplace, GLT Design,

Top industries for Native Team building: Development, Design

Popular destinations: Vasile Alecsandri square, St. Nikolae cathedral, Independence square

Famous for: Central market, Barza Alba



Population: 157,000

Companies outsourcing from tiraspol: Dextechnology, Sheriff

Top industries for Native Team building: Software Development

Popular destinations: Park Pobeda, Green market, Christmas cathedral, Memorial of glory

Famous for: Soviet architecture, Kvint Cognac distillery, Kvas drink


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Facts about hiring in moldova

The Inside Track

A written employment contract in the local language has to be put in place in Moldova. It has to include the terms of employee compensation in Moldovan leu, benefits and termination requirements. The contracts are usually offered for an indefinite period. Fixed-term contracts can be offered as well, but may not exceed five years.

In Moldova, the standard working week consists of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. On the day before a public holiday, work is normally decreased by an hour.

Employees in Moldova are entitled to a minimum of 28 days off per year. They can take the vacation days in parts, but at least one part must be taken 14 consecutive calendar days. Moreover, Moldova celebrates 11 national holidays for which the employees are given a day off.

Moldovan mums are entitled to 70 calendar days of leave before birth and 56 days after. They are also eligible for a partially paid holiday until the child turns 3 years old. Fathers, grandparents or other family members who care for children are entitled to a partially paid holiday until the child turns 3 years.

Employees in Moldova are entitled to paid sick leave, but they must present a medical certificate. Moldova’s social insurance pays for the sick leave.

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