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Growth in Central Europe

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Employment in Poland

Poland is positioned in Central Europe and is the fifth most populous country in the European Union. Best known for its Automotive sector, ICT potential is growing in Poland, it is a near shore destination for ICT companies from Western Europe and is the leading destination for R&D in the CEE.

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37.95 million


Polish złoty


594.2 billion

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Top Tech Cities in Poland



The capital city of Poland

Population: 1.765 million

Companies outsourcing from warsaw: Microsoft, Google, IBM

Top industries for Native Team building: AI, Enterprise SAAS, Cleantech, Health

Popular destinations: Old Town Market Square, Royal Castle of Warsaw, Lazienki Park

Famous for: Musical Venues and Theaters, Pierogi, Neon Signs


The second largest city of Poland

Population: 766.683

Companies outsourcing from krakow: Brainly, Akamai, Cisco

Top industries for Native Team building: BrIoT, Gaming Studios, Sales & Marketing

Popular destinations: Main Market Square,Wieliczka Salt Mine,Wawel Royal Castle

Famous for: Rich history, world class monuments, Wawel Dragon, and pretzels


The largest city in the historical region of Silesia

Population: 638.659

Companies outsourcing from wroclaw: Symphony Solutions, Miracle Mill AG, Melon, Quant Coding, Microsam

Top industries for Native Team building: Marketing & Sales , Ecommerce & Retail , Energy & Enviroment

Popular destinations: Ostrow Tumsky (Cathedral Island) , Royal Palace, Old Town Hall

Famous for: Wroclaw market square, panorama of the battle of racławice


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Facts about hiring in poland

The Inside Track

There are different categories of employment contracts in Poland . These contracts can range from short-term contracts to indefinite.Employment contracts must be signed and registered with the Social Security Bureau no later than 7 days before work commences.

The working hours in Poland are 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week.

Every employee has the right of an annual holiday of 20 days and up to 26 days for those who have more then 2 years in the same company.. All unused vacation days can be rolled over to the next year for up to 3 years in carryover period.

In Poland employees are entitled to four “ on-demand “ days for sick leave. In addition to this if approved by a physician they are entitled to 33 days of sick leave paid for by the employer and any additional sick leave is paid by the social bureau.

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