Native Teams and Unlimit: Transforming Global Payments Together

Discover a world of effortless international work payments through the partnership of Native Teams and Unlimit. Leave behind the challenges of international transactions and step into a world of seamless, hassle-free payment solutions.

What is Unlimit?

Unlimit is a leading card-processing provider with an extensive array of more than 1500 payment methods. With the flexibility to facilitate purchases and transactions across various countries, Unlimit enhances the accessibility and convenience of buying products or services, fostering a global reach for businesses.

Native Teams | What is Unlimit?
Native Teams | How does it work?

How does it work?

Unlimit and Native Teams have joined forces to unveil a comprehensive financial solution, offering a combination of virtual and physical cards. These cards provide users with a wide range of payment choices, addressing both the demands of the digital era and traditional transactions. 

The virtual card seamlessly integrates into the Native Teams ecosystem, allowing real-time transactions directly from the Native Teams wallet. This dual-card approach underscores both entities' commitment to delivering versatile and secure payment solutions to users.

Benefits of using Unlimit

Card transactions are visible in the wallet

The wallet provides a comprehensive overview of all card transactions, making every transaction easily visible and accessible.

Native Teams | Card transactions are visible in the wallet
Native Teams | Seamless mobile app integration

Seamless mobile app integration

The virtual card effortlessly integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay, providing a convenient and versatile payment solution across various platforms and services.

Categorise transactions as personal or business

Within the platform, there is the capability to categorise individual transactions, distinguishing between personal and business-related expenses.

Native Teams | Categorise transactions as personal or business
Native Teams | You get a Native Teams branded card

You get a Native Teams branded card

This card provides access to a wide range of solutions carefully tailored to enhance your financial experience and streamline your interactions within the Native Teams platform.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When you choose Unlimit cards, you gain access to the following benefits:

1. Virtual card, which is perfect for secure online.
2. Physical Card for traditional in-person transactions.

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