Partnerships with
Software Creators

Get your software out there faster

We strive to get your software in the hands of more users and at the same
time equip our own members.


Software Provisioning

Native Teams has a ‘Software Provisioning’ feature which makes it easy for our users to find the software they need and install it with a couple of clicks.


In-App Promotion

In addition to our software marketplace, we have a number of advertising positions within the Native Teams app, helping you to bring your software to the attention of our members.



We work proactively with our partner’s marketing team to create insightful, relevant and effective co-marketing campaigns that explain the ‘win-win’ of our relationship.


the Remote

Do you share our love for making the world of remote working more accessible and resourceful for everyone? Let’s build a better way to work, together!

How we partner?

Mutual agreement

Our partnerships are based on mutual comprehensive agreements.

Delivering real value

Together, we’ll work to deliver real value to our mutual end-users.

Digital transformation

Let’s create and implement borderless solutions for remote teams around the world.

Become a Native Team Partner

Get in touch and let’s make the (remote) world a better place, together.