Partnerships with Recruiters

We work with recruiters to help maximise their remote work hiring opportunities.


A Partnership that expands your Universe

Working with Native Teams lets you bring your candidates to the attention of HR teams at the best organisations, wherever they are in the world. We help the employment happen.


Employment as a Service

Working with Native Teams lets you place candidates with employers around the world, knowing that the mechanics of employment (local contracts, payments, etc) are in hand.


Employee Benefits

We bring a raft of wider benefits to employees (and employers). From additional community resources through to local ‘issue resolution’. We make work better.


Global Employment

We are a true enabler of global employment. We make it easy to hire globally, paying tax and social locally. We also help our members work from anywhere in the world.


How We Partner

We work with all our partners in a way that emphasises the ‘partner’ component.

The way we work is always bespoke and always as comprehensive as you want it can be, making sure that the partnership we forge between us is shaped to achieve your ambitions and, where it includes end users, delivers real value for them.

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