Partnerships with Space Providers

We work with work- and co-working spaces around the world to bring Native Teams content to your members, employment contracts to your freelancers, and your space to Native Teams.


A Partnership that Delivers for your Members

Working with Native Teams offers real value for your members, and also brings you new members from around the world.


Vital Member Benefits

The most important benefits your members can have are employment rights, a social safety net and better credit. Native Teams helps deliver all this, even to freelancers.


New Global Members

Native Teams makes it easy for our members to travel the world, working from anywhere. That ‘anywhere’ could be your office space. A soft-landing ‘home from home’.


Even More Community

We know spaces like your’s have fantastic community spirit. Native Teams adds to that with dedicated knowledge feeds, chat channels and events specific to work role or skill set.


How We Partner

We work with all our partners in a way that emphasises the ‘partner’ component.

The way we work is always bespoke and always as comprehensive as you want it can be, making sure that the partnership we forge between us is shaped to achieve your ambitions and, where it includes end users, delivers real value for them.

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