Tax Reporting

Native Teams provides a comprehensive platform that offers users valuable information regarding their income, expenses, and expenditures. Users can easily access details on business transactions, including categorization and marked expenses. In addition, for employers, the added benefit is displaying the country with the highest payment and the corresponding employee, providing valuable insights into payment distribution.

Native Teams | Tax Reporting
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What is tax/summary reporting?

Tax/summary reporting refers to compiling and submitting financial information to regulatory authorities, typically to calculate and fulfil tax obligations. It involves summarising and organising various financial data, such as income, expenses, deductions, and credits, according to the specific requirements set by tax laws and regulations. Tax/summary reporting is essential for businesses and individuals to ensure compliance with tax laws, accurately calculate tax liabilities or refunds, and provide transparency in financial transactions.

Native Teams | Make payment and provide documents

How does it work?

Experience the ease of navigating your tax obligations with our all-in-one solution, designed to streamline every aspect of the process. Our platform provides expert advice, guidance, reporting, and filing support. With Native Teams, navigating your tax obligations becomes a breeze. Our team of experts is dedicated to simplifying the complex processes of tax reporting and filing, allowing you to redirect your time and energy towards what truly matters – your business.

Native Teams | Make payment and provide documents

Tax reporting via Native Teams

By leveraging tax reporting capabilities within Native Teams, individuals and businesses can efficiently manage their tax obligations, simplify data collection and calculations, collaborate effectively, and ensure compliance with tax laws. Native Teams provides a comprehensive solution that empowers users to navigate tax reporting seamlessly while staying focused on their core activities.

Benefits of tax reporting


Compliance with
tax laws

Fulfil the legal obligations by accurately reporting income, expenses, deductions, and credits.


Maximising deductions
and credits

Easy identify and claim all eligible deductions and credits and receive the maximum refund.


Legal compliance for

Proper tax reporting is crucial for businesses to comply with legal requirements.


Streamlined tax filing

Experience the convenience of tax reporting that simplifies the entire tax filing process.


Enhanced financial

Valuable financial data can be used for strategic planning and decision-making.

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