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We created Native Teams for you.

When you sign up for Native Teams, we’ll make sure you get all the benefits you deserve as self-employed. From credit-worthiness to employment status and much more, all while keeping the freedom and the flexibility you love so much.


Native Teams also gives you support and a community to call home!







Tech-Sector Workers


How it works?


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Admin things

Each month, we’ll process your payroll, pay your taxes, social security and pension.

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How much does it cost?


A statutory contribution to your workplace pension.


Your paid taxes, as per your tax code.

Social Security

Comprised of the employer and employee contributions.

Your Salary

Your net salary you want to receive each month.


Our Monthly Fee

These are the total monthly costs for the services.

The costs I have to pay if I don’t use Native Teams

Credit Woes

We’re more than familiar with the full-time/part-time employment and the self-employment status. As much as we all love self-employment, it doesn’t make our credit life much easier!

Covid Outcomes

The coronavirus pandemic was tough for everyone, but many have received much-needed support in those strange times. Not the self-employed though! With Native Teams, that can change.

NI & Pension Contributions

The cause of many headaches! Don’t worry about your self-employed PAYE, with Native Teams we make NI & pension contributions easy for all our users.

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Native Teams is also chock-full of wider benefits and support

Client Billing & AR Support

You can bill clients directly from within Native Teams. This makes it easy for clients to pay, and for us to help chase your money for you, giving separation of roles.

Professional Indemnity Cover

We provide professional indemnity cover for any work conducted via our billing platform. Certain exclusions apply, but we optimise for tech sector work.

Peer Review & Community

Native Teams gives you a ready made community, which can be great for freelancers and solopreneurs. We have forums, chat and peer review functionality.

Deskspace Booking & More

Native Teams is the platform for remote work, so deskspace booking, ‘work from anywhere’ functionality and more, all baked in.


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