Freelancer Finances & Freelancing Flexibility


The Best of Freelancing

Native Teams makes sure you get just the best bits of being a freelancer. All the freedom, flexibility and professional satisfaction you need!

Pick the jobs you want

Freedom to work when you like

Work from where you want

Be your
own boss

The Worst of Freelancing

We also help you get rid of the ‘bad bits’ of freelancing. We can chase your clients for money. We can help you maintain a steady cash flow. We give you ‘employed’ status.

Struggle to get paid

Chase clients for money

‘Self-employed’ status

No ‘team’

Your Outsourced Accounts ReceivableNo new chasing clients for money

Raise an Invoice in Native Teams

We provide you with an invoicing platform right there within Native Teams. Generate and send an invoice with a couple of clicks.


We follow up on your receivables

For any invoices raised within Native Teams, we follow these on your behalf ensuring you maintain great client relations, separating work and chasing!


We pay you, less and tax & social

Once we’re paid, we disburse funds as necessary: Money to you, the tax man paid and social security costs covered.


Need Money Right Now?

Dedicated Support

We are with you on the journey! Your dedicated account manager is here to work with you to help you get the most out of your career, and professional life!