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Global Payroll Services

Payroll Services

With Native Teams, you can compliantly hire and pay your employees in global markets through our employer of record services. Our payroll solutions fit any company with any number of international employees. Supported in 40+ countries.

Peo Services
Peo Services

What are Native Teams
global payroll services?

Managing global teams can be complex, but paying them shouldn’t be. With Native Teams, you can combine salary calculators, payroll, expenses, and benefits within one platform. That way, you can easily and compliantly pay your international team.

We have local entities in more than 40 countries around the world, so we can simplify your payroll across multiple markets when you decide to expand globally. We process taxes, social and other contributions while being fully compliant.

Read more about our employer of record services HERE.

How do global payroll services work?

With Native Teams global payroll services, you can add your global team on the payroll processing system and manage all their payments in multiple currencies with a few clicks. All your employees will receive their salaries compliantly on their bank account and in accordance with their local regulations.

  • Optimized by country
  • Flexible payment options
  • Tax, social & healthcare
  • Local employed status
  • Employee benefits

Features of Native Teams global payroll services

With our global payroll services, you can compliantly hire and pay your international employees.

Proper Employment

Proper employment

Your team members will be properly and compliantly employed in their own country through our employer of record services. No more figuring out how the local tax systems work or how much contributions should you pay.

Global Payroll

Global payroll

Send invites in bulk and manage all the payroll across various countries with just a couple of clicks. Your employees will receive their salary on their bank account in the local currency.

Salary Calculator

Salary calculator

Easily calculate the salary of your new employees, with all the tax contributions and other mandatory benefits, such as health insurance, pension plans and others. Our localized and up-to-date salary calculator is available for more than 40 countries.

Native Teams Card

Native Teams card

We provide your employees with a personalized Native Teams card so that they can access their money without any limitations. They can transfer the funds to their local banks in their preferred currency and spend them online or in physical stores. Lowest fees guaranteed.

Compliant Contracts & Documents

Compliant contracts & documents

Forget about trying to figure out all the local regulations and translating all the necessary documents. With Native Teams, you’ll get an automatic onboarding, and we’ll provide you with the right documents, localized and customized per your requirements.

Mandatory Tax, Contributions & Benefits

Mandatory tax, contributions & benefits

When you hire and pay your team through our employer of record services, we will make sure that all your employees’ taxes and mandatory fees or contributions are paid to the local government.

Native ATM Card

Native Teams ATM card

Native Teams users can request their own ATM card that works with international payments, on any ATM in the world.

  • Withdraw your money on any ATM.
  • Withdraw your money as business expenses.
  • Pay in any store, or online with less fees.

Get an ATM card

Global Payroll Services

Benefits of using Native Teams global payroll services

Hire locally, expand internationally and take advantage of the local experts at Native Teams.

  • Payroll processing
  • Payslips
  • Local documents
  • Expenses management
  • Secure document storage
  • International payments
  • Holiday management

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