Employment Solutions for Your Global Business

We help you hire, pay, and manage your global team without opening your own legal entities in 65+ countries worldwide. Our employment and work payment solutions are tailored to fit any number of international employees, helping you grow your business on a global level.

Native Teams
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Are you an EOR company looking for an in-country partner for Employer of Record provision?

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How it works?

We combine simplified payment tools, local employment provisions, employee benefits, and tax management solutions to help you scale up your business internationally. Take advantage of our complementary suite of functionalities and ensure the ultimate flexibility and customisation your business needs while expanding globally.

Native Teams

Employer of record

Provide legal employment status and mandatory benefits for your teams all across the globe. With Native Teams’ legal entities in 65+ countries, we’ve got you covered for all the administrative and compliance hassles.

Native Teams

Best practice employment contracts

Secure compliant employment contracts for all your team members worldwide, customised per your business needs and per each individual’s local labour laws.

Native Teams

Advice & knowledge

Native Teams’ tax and legal professionals in over 65 countries are at your service 24/7. You can rely on us whether you need assistance, guidance, or advice on every employment-related matter.

White label solutions

Personalise your platform with branded invoices and other customisable options. Ensure the ultimate on-brand experience and maximum efficiency with Native Teams.

Native Teams
Native Teams

What makes Native Teams the right fit?

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NO company set up

Use Native Teams’ legal entities in 65+ countries to expand your global teams while staying compliant.

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NO paperwork & compliance hassles

Leave boring paperwork tasks to us. Work hassle-free and focus on what matters most while we handle everything.

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Tax optimisation

Let us guide you on optimising your local tax obligations, allowing you to save more money on taxes.

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Smooth online onboarding

Experience a smooth online onboarding process to get you started on your global expansion journey.

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Flexibility and

Our solutions give your business the ultimate flexibility and customisation for successful global work.

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Dedicated account management

Get a dedicated account management team for a smooth and efficient experience.

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VIP service level agreement

Secure a VIP Service level agreement to ensure priority support and tailored service documentation.

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Local expert support

Our local legal and tax teams offer 24/7 support for payments, employment, and tax-related matters.

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