Employment as a Service, Simplified

We help you to grow your business, hire, pay and manage your global team without having a local legal entity in 55+ countries worldwide. Our employment and work payments solutions fit any company with any number of international employees. We provide tax reporting and accounting support, offering expert assistance to effectively guide you through the process.

Native Teams

How it works?

We combine the best payment tools, local employment provision, tax management and employee benefits to create a complementary suite of functionality worth more than the sum of the parts. We have placed a distinct emphasis on flexibility of provision to help you succeed in the best possible way. We manage every aspect of our service and platform delivery end-to-end.

Native Teams | EOR


Local employment, flexibility and compliance

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Native Teams | Contract


Best practice, customisable and localised employment contracts

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Native Teams | Expenses


Native Teams cards, expenses management and categorisation

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Native Teams | Loans

Savings & loans

Earn by saving money, get instant access to earned wages

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Native Teams | Payroll


Payroll calculations, processing and payslip documents

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Native Teams | Taxes


Allowances, optimisation and reporting

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Native Teams | Contributions


Healthcare, insurance and pension covered

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Native Teams | Benefits


Tax efficient and localised employee benefits

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Native Teams | Provisioning


Hardware, coworking spaces and much more.

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Manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility

With our payment solutions you can manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility from one single platform. Our payment solution consists of a multi-currency digital wallet with a company IBAN, local bank transfers, expenditure management, and a business expense Native Teams card. We create unique solutions that are tailored to meet your financial needs.

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Easy- to- use
payroll processing system

Get your team on an automated payroll processing system and quickly pay them no matter where they are. Once you add them on the system, we take care of the rest. All your employees will receive their salaries on their local bank account and in accordance with the local regulations with full compliance.

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Tax savvy solutions,

With our tax management solutions we help your business comply with taxation laws and regulations. Tax management aims to optimise the owed tax amount, take advantage of allowances and deductions. We provide documentation for full tax compliance, both for you as the employer, and your team.

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All the employment tools you need in one place

Quick and easy management of your finances, invoicing documents, employment contracts, expense management, wallet statements, absence management, tax reporting documents and much more.
Smart. Simple. Streamlined.

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Why Native Teams?

Native Teams | NO paperwork

NO paperwork

Stay focused on your work while we deal with the boring paperwork.

Native Teams | NO company set up

NO company set up

Use our legal entities to expand your international workforce.

Native Teams | NO accounting

NO accounting

Don't worry about time-consuming tasks. We've got you covered.

Native Teams | Optimise taxes

Optimise taxes

We know taxes can be complex and confusing, so we're here to help you!

Native Teams | Online onboarding

Online onboarding

We're here to help ensure a trouble-free and fruitful online onboarding process.

Native Teams | Increase of profit

Increase of profit

Our services can assist you in expanding your business and maximizing your earnings.

Native Teams | Compliance expertise

Compliance expertise

Use the knowledge of our local experts and do your business without a worry.

Native Teams | Local support


Our experts are familiar with local procedures and can assist you in any way!

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