Global Work Payments

Unlock the power of hassle-free work payments with Native Teams - where financial flexibility meets simplicity. The work payments solutions you can count on. All the tools you need to pay or get paid globally.

What is Native Teams global payment service?

Native Teams provides global payment services for freelancers, remote workers, and employers. Our global payment services consist of a multi-currency digital wallet, local bank transfers, payment requests, expenditure management, and a Native Teams Card. We create unique solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

How does Native Teams payment service work?

Manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility. Choose your desired way to get paid, on your terms, with less fees from one centralised platform.

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Work payments made easy

Our payment features allow you to manage all your work payments while staying compliant with the local laws.

Client invoicing

Invoice all your local or international clients from anywhere in the world without establishing your own business. With the Native Teams invoicing system, you can generate custom invoices and send them to your clients at any time. When the recipient pays the invoice, the money will be added to your wallet.

Send invoices to clients

Send invoices to clients.

Get paid on time

Get paid on time.

Download invoices as a PDF

Download invoices as a PDF.

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Payment requests

Request instant payments through Native Teams. You can choose between one-time payment or recurring weekly/monthly automatic payments. Receive the money directly to your Native Teams virtual wallet or the expense card.

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Native Teams card

The Native Teams Visa/MasterCards provide the easiest, safest, and most convenient way to access your funds. Our cards are linked to a multi-currency digital wallet where you can access all of your financial data. The cards can be used to make online and in-store purchases, worldwide accepted.

Receive salary and payments.

Receive salary and payments.

Pay in any store or online

Pay in any store or online.

Use it worldwide

Use it worldwide.

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Savings in Native vault

Native Teams' vault brings you a unique opportunity to earn on the money you securely store. Experience the power of saving while enjoying attractive rewards, all within a safe and convenient platform.

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Global payroll

Global payroll services available in 65+ countries. Get your team on payroll with just a click. Your team gets paid in their local currency, in their local bank. Automate the administrative processes at your company and have access to all HR documents in one place. We process taxes, social and other contributions while being fully compliant.

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Benefits of using the payment services

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