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global payment

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Global Payment Services

All the tools you need to pay or get paid globally. Get your hands on the Native Teams card to manage and spend funds directly from your virtual wallet.

peo services
peo services

What is Native Teams global payment service?

Native Teams provides global payment services for freelancers, remote workers and their employers. Our unique solutions are tailored to anyone who works remotely.

The Native Teams global payment services include a multi currency virtual wallet, money transfers, payment requests, an invoicing tool, wallet statements and a Native Teams card.

How does Native Teams payment service work?

Manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility.
Choose your desired way to get paid, on your terms, with less fees from one centralized platform.

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Features of Native Teams global payment service

Our payment features allow you to manage all your work payments while staying compliant with the local laws.


Virtual wallet

One virtual wallet for all your international work payments. Have a good overview of all your transactions, in multiple currencies. Manage your finances the easy way, top up your wallet when needed or withdraw worldwide.

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Send and receive payments

Adding money to your virtual wallet can be done by bank transfer, card or PayPal. You can send payment requests and receive your funds directly into your digital wallet quickly and securely. You can withdraw your money at any time, to your local bank account, NT card or send it to someone else.


Wallet transfers

Do you want to transfer some funds from your EUR wallet to your USD wallet or pay your team in an instance? With Native Teams wallet to wallet feature, you can easily transfer money between different currency wallets in seconds, or choose to use our wallet-to-employee option and pay your team members right away.


Wallet statements

Have a comprehensive overview of all your transactions, available at any time. Mark any of your statements as business expenses, or download them in PDF version for a better organization.

client invoicing

Client invoicing

Invoice all your local or international clients from anywhere in the world without having your own company. With the Native Teams invoicing system, you can generate custom invoices and send them to your clients at any time. When the recipient pays the invoice, the money will be added to your wallet.

  • Send invoices to clients
  • Get paid on time
  • Download invoices as a PDF
native card

Native Teams card

Native Teams users can request their own card that works with international payments, on any ATM in the world.

  • Receive salary and payments
  • Use it worldwide
  • Pay in any store or online
payroll services

Payroll services

Global payroll services available in 40+ countries. Get your team on payroll with just a click. Your team gets paid in their local currency, in their local bank. Automate the administrative processes at your company and have access to all HR documents in one place. We process taxes, social and other contributions while being fully compliant.

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Benefits of using Native Teams payments services

  • Low fees for payments
  • Safe & fast money transfers
  • Native Teams card
  • Reliable easy-to use platform
  • Full financial overview
  • Transparent transaction documentation
  • Pay or get paid internationally
  • Send invoices without owning a company
  • Claim expenses
  • Withdraw globally
  • Get paid like local
global payment

Manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility

Choose the best way to get paid, on your terms,
with less fees from one centralized platform.

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