Global Employee Benefits

Empowering your team with global benefits delivered locally! Our innovative solution empowers your workforce by providing them with exceptional benefits on a global scale, all delivered right in their local context.

Native Teams | Global Employee Benefits

What are Native Teams' global employee benefits?

With Native Teams, the perks go beyond what you'd typically get in a regular job. You can select from a diverse array of global employee benefits, including options like private health insurance, opportunities for personal growth, access to various software tools, and much more. 

Native Teams' global employee benefits encompass all the choices available when enrolling in our employer of record services. By becoming part of Native Teams, you're gaining an official employment standing and securing coverage for all contributions and inclusive access to benefits.

How do global employee benefits work?

After signing up for Native Teams' employer of record services, you can choose the benefits that align best with your preferences. We ensure that all essential benefits are taken care of, and on top of that, you can pick from a diverse selection of global benefits tailored to your country's specifics.

These benefits are customised to suit the requirements of employees in various nations and play a crucial role in enticing and keeping talent, fostering employee welfare and commitment, and guaranteeing conformity with local regulations within the global work setting.

Health Insurance

Revolutionising benefits: How Native Teams stands out?

Native Teams transforms benefits by tailoring them to your preferences, offering comprehensive global coverage that goes beyond the norm, and focusing on localised perks for a personalised touch. With a seamless process and innovative approach, Native Teams sets new standards in providing exceptional employee benefits. Experience a revolutionised benefits journey with us!


Our suite of benefits solutions

Elevate your employment experience with our diverse range of tailored benefits designed to cater to your needs and preferences. From essential coverage to global workspace access, technical support, and personal growth opportunities, our suite is here to enhance every aspect of the professional journey.

Native Teams | Global Employee Benefits

Health coverage, pension and other benefits

Rest assured that in addition to the mandatory benefits, we also provide additional perks. Our collaboration with local private health insurance and pension providers ensures you access top-tier packages tailored to your needs.

Native Teams | Global Employee Benefits

Global coworking and rental benefits

As part of Native Teams, you'll enjoy worldwide access to premier coworking spaces. Through partnerships with these spaces, we offer optimal environments to enhance productivity, regardless of location.


Hardware and software provisioning

Whether you're an individual or managing employees, if you require new hardware or software assistance, count on us. Our local teams across target countries are poised to assist whenever technical needs arise.

Native Teams | Global Employee Benefits

Wellness and personal growth

Elevate your overall well-being by choosing from extensive fitness and personal development perks. Prioritise your physical and mental health through our diverse benefits selection.

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