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Native Teams

Client invoicing

Send invoices hassle-free, get paid quickly, and stay on top of everything with our user-friendly platform. Create, track, and send professional invoices effortlessly, no matter where your clients are.

Native Teams

Multi-currency wallet

Store and handle all your assets in one multi-currency wallet! Manage incoming payments, pick your preferred method, and enjoy swift transfers to your bank with minimal fees. Plus, each account comes with its own IBAN for extra convenience!

Native Teams

Native Teams card

Enjoy the freedom to make purchases online or in-store with confidence and worldwide acceptance. Choose between virtual and physical cards—or have both for the ultimate flexibility!

Native Teams

Expenses management

Leave your expenses to us—we've got the tracking, categorisation, and smart analysis covered! Simplify your financial journey with our expense solution. Let us handle the details while you stay focused on what matters most.

What makes Native Teams the right fit?

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NO paperwork

Stay focused on your work, leave the dull paperwork to us. Work hassle-free as we handle the boring stuff.

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Borderless account

Simplify your financial tasks. Keep everything in check, from saving to spending, in a single, user-friendly platform.

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Secure transactions

We safeguard your money with top-notch protection. Strong encryption ensures the security of your funds.

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Tailored solutions just for you

Our commitment is to deliver value, tailored solutions, and an approach that sets us apart in the marketplace.

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Accounting and tax optimisation

We handle your accounting needs while helping you optimise your taxes and maximise your tax benefits.

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Saving money and time

Our commitment to optimising your experience lets you focus on what matters – your business.

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Compliance expertise

Leverage our legal experts' know-how to stay compliant. Stay on the right side of the law with our expert guidance.

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Local support and communication

Our team includes experts with hands-on experience, understanding how things work in practice.


Boring finance and bureaucracy is now OUT yellow line
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