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Employment Contract Templates

Employment contracts outline all aspects of the working relationship and are legally binding. With Native Teams and our Employer of Record, you can ensure that all recruits will be properly onboarded, paid, taxed, and cared for according to local legislation.

Employment contracts are legally binding agreements between an employer and employee detailing all aspects of the working relationship.
With Native Teams and our Employer of Record, you can rest assured that all your new hires will be properly onboarded into the firm and paid, taxed, and catered for in accordance with local law.

Use our Employment Contract to hire an employee for your business, and define details like wages and working hours.


Types of employment contracts

Employment agreements can be broken down into various subcategories.
The employer and the nature of your position will influence your employment agreement's terms.
Some of the most prevalent kinds of employment agreements include:



The most prevalent employment contract is for a full-time position. It indicates that you have a job that requires you to put in a specific number of hours per week in exchange for a guaranteed salary.



Hours in part-time employment are fewer than those in a full-time contract because you are not working a complete 40 hours each week. Your hours will be cut down from those of a full-time worker, but you will still be paid on a regular basis.

What should an employment contract include?

  • The contract of employment can be written or verbal and will usually cover key features and clauses, including job duties, salary, benefits, finish dates, and other elements as mutually agreed upon by the parties.
  • These clauses and regulations also outline the employee's rights and stipulations in the event of a demotion, promotion, or termination.
Keep in mind that this varies greatly from country to country due to different regulations and requirements.

Native Teams hiring contracts templates

Native Teams' free contract templates reviewed by legal experts will help you to save time and money! To use the contract templates, choose your country, make the necessary changes to your information, and then get it notarized.

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