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As your trusted EOR partner, Native Teams offers more than accessing EOR services! By choosing us, you gain a strategic ally dedicated to amplifying your success. Experience the confidence of having a reliable in-country partner, and let's transform global employment together.

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Employer of record services

Our Employer of Record services provide a comprehensive solution for your international employment needs.

Local employment contracts

Navigate local labour markets with our expertise in crafting and managing local employment contracts. We ensure that your workforce is aligned with the regulations of each jurisdiction.


Native Teams card

Our cards streamline transactions and offer a convenient and efficient solution for online and in-store purchases.

Expenses management

Our expenses management system provides transparency and efficiency, streamlining financial processes for your business.


Local support & knowledge

Our local presence includes dedicated teams in countries with legal entities, offering support from professionals fluent in every language.


White label solutions

Our white-label solutions empower you to present services under your brand, maintaining consistency and customisation while benefiting from our expertise behind the scenes.

What makes Natives Teams the right EOR Partner?

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Flexibility and

We specialise in delivering customised and flexible solutions designed to meet each client's unique needs.

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Local insight, global reach

Use our global network and local expertise for international employment navigation and gain a competitive edge in the EOR market.

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Dedicated AM

We are committed to elevating user experience by establishing a dedicated account management team.

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In-depth expertise

Our team brings unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricacies of local employment regulations.

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VIP service level agreement

Provide users with VIP Service Level Agreements, ensuring priority support and custom service documentation.

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Risk mitigation and compliance assurance

We prioritise compliance with local labour laws and regulations, offering a partnership that minimises global employment risks.

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