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How To Hire A Remote Team: Our Tips And Tricks

Native Teams has registered entities around the world, and all of our team members are working remotely from different locations. Since our humble beginnings a few years ago, we have picked up a few tricks that make building a remote team a bit easier.

Are you curious to know what is the best way how to hire a remote team? Check out our tips and tricks.

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How To Hire A Top Notch Remote Team?

What Are The Characteristics Of A Great Remote Worker?

Working remotely is not everyone’s cup of tea. Before you start hiring people for a remote position, you should consider the skills it takes to be successful in this type of environment. Here at Native Teams, we have learned that although remote work sounds appealing to pretty much all of our candidates, unfortunately not everyone can do it.

We think that great remote workers should:

  • Be motivated and organized
  • Be disciplined
  • Have the ability to prioritize
  • Have great communication skills
  • Be trustworthy

How To Find Remote Candidates?

It’s hard to hire for a remote position if you don’t have the right candidates for the role. You probably know the hiring drill when you are recruiting someone from your own country. But how about when you want to hire someone from abroad? Here’s where we had the most luck:

  • Your networks. People who we’ve worked with before, or people who our employees have worked with before or know their skills and work ethic.
  • Your own database. If you have a large database then this could be a great way to recruit too. You can publish “we’re hiring!” through social media channels, email newsletters and on your website.
  • Job boards. Job boards are a great way to find new candidates. You can scoop out the best local job boards or post on global ones.
  • Sharing is caring! Share your open positions on every channel imaginable. The more you share, the more likely it is that the right candidate will stumble across your job ad.
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How To Hire Remote Candidates?

If you have successfully posted and shared your job posts, you should soon start seeing the candidates roll in. This is where the challenging part starts – evaluating who is a good match and who’s not.

Hiring is extremely time-consuming but it might as well be the most important thing you do to make your team succeed.

Let The Candidates Apply In A Unique Way

Already in the job posting, ask your candidates to apply in somewhat a unique way; don’t just ask for resumes. Ask a specific question that would give you more information about each candidate.

Here at Native Teams we usually add a few specific questions about the company or remote way of work in the job post. This makes it easier for us to select more suitable candidates.

Invite The Best Candidates For A Video Interview

After receiving all the applications, select the best suitable ones for a short video interview. Tell them more about the company, the role, the responsibilities and learn more about each candidate and their valuable experience.

Give A Test Project To The Best Candidates

After you’re done with the video interviews, some candidates will likely appear stronger and more suitable than the others. At this point, we usually give them some sort of test where they can prove their expertise. 

For example, if you’re looking for a new copywriter, you could give them a task where they have to create a short blog post about a relevant topic for your business. That way, you will see their writing style and their ability to create content that will go well with what your business is all about.

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How To Properly Hire Your New Employee From Abroad?

Congratulations, you found your new hire! But what happens now? You can hire them pretty easily if you have a registered business in their country. But what happens if you don’t?

Use An Employer of Record Service

The easiest, fastest and most convenient solution is to use an Employer of Record service. That way, your company won’t have to go through the rigorous process of registering a business entity in another country.

What is An Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record is an organization that acts as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work at a different company. The Employer of Record takes over the traditional tasks as well as some responsibilities and liabilities.

An EOR also provides other companies with an efficient way of onboarding new employees in their new global markets, without the need for establishing a new entity in another country.

Read more about what an Employer of Record means here.

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How Can Native Teams Helps You Hire?

Native Teams provides an infrastructure for hiring new employees in international markets. This includes compliance, with all payroll processing and employment. That way, your company will not need a separate entity for expanding to another country.

We will take care of payroll processing for your new employees, while your management team will stay on top of their day-to-day work. That way you will receive an extra workforce but without any risk.

Learn more about the countries where we have our own entities and offer the EOR service. Is the country where you want to expand to not on the list? Please contact us directly.

Native Teams
Native Teams is a platform that helps you with client invoicing, payments, and employment solutions for freelancers and employers with remote teams.

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We can help you hire, get hired or even open an international office. Explore our pool of opportunities - NO borders needed.

We can help you hire, get hired or even open an international office.

Explore our pool of opportunities - NO borders needed.

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