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Empower Your Gig Economy Platform with Local Employment Solutions

By partnering with our innovative solutions, you can seamlessly extend valuable opportunities to your freelancer pool, ensuring growth and sustainable success. Our fully compliant Employer of Record solutions allow freelancers to enjoy the security of legal employment while building thriving careers in the gig economy.

How it works

Discover a game-changing partnership that revolutionises your platform! By teaming up with us, you can empower your pool of freelancers with access to local employment opportunities and seamless compliance solutions. Elevate their experience with enticing employee benefits, ensuring their well-being is prioritised.



Freelancers and platform users can simplify their billing process by utilising the integrated invoicing feature. They have the capability to create professional invoices directly on the platform, ensuring prompt and seamless payments for their freelance services.

Native Teams | Invoicing


Within our digital wallet, freelancers and platform users have the capability to handle their freelancing finances. This includes easy access to earnings, effortless tracking of expenses, and the ability to streamline financial management—all seamlessly integrated into our platform.


Through the user-friendly absence management tool provided by the platform, freelancers can assert control over their schedules. This tool facilitates seamless requests and management of time off, fostering transparent communication and enhancing efficient collaboration with clients.


Why is collaborating with Native Teams a game-changer?


Attraction and retention of top talents

Stand out in the competitive gig economy landscape by providing a unique proposition for top talents. Our collaborative solution serves as a powerful magnet, attracting skilled freelancers to your platform and establishing it as a preferred choice.


Customer-centric approach

Native Teams prioritise a customer-centric approach, tailoring solutions to meet local audiences' unique needs and preferences, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.


Local expertise

Tap into the local knowledge and expertise of Native Teams to navigate legal considerations effortlessly. Gain valuable insights into regional markets, elevating the quality and relevance of your work.


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