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Whether invoicing clients, receiving payments or aiming to secure a job with the right employment contract, Native Teams lets you do it all in one place. And the best part? It's all done with complete compliance and flexibility!

Native Teams

Local employment
by experts

Our tailored employment contracts, carefully prepared by our experienced professionals, go beyond international boundaries. Wherever you aspire to work, our contracts pave the way for a secure and seamless employment experience.

Native Teams | Local employment

Your Native salary account

We make the world of work payments easier for every worker. We empower you with the best payment tools, local employment provision, tax management and employee benefits to create a complementary suite of functionality.

Sallary account

It can be challenging to work globally if you don’t have the right payment tools. You can easily request one-time payment or recurring weekly/monthly automatic payments and receive the money directly to your Native Team's digital wallet. Requesting payments has never been easier. Payment Requests

Virtual wallet

The multi-currency digital wallet is the central place for storing and managing your assets. It gives true flexibility for our users to manage incoming payments and to decide how they want to access those funds: through the payroll system or otherwise. Each account comes with an IBAN.

Native Teams | Savings in Native

Savings in Native vault

Native Teams' vault brings you a unique opportunity to earn on the money you securely store. Experience the power of saving while enjoying attractive rewards, all within a safe and convenient platform.

Native Teams | Tax optimisation

Tax optimisation

The ultimate tax management solution that helps you comply with taxation laws and regulations. Optimise the owed tax amount, take advantage of allowances and deductions  and get the most out of your earned money.

Get properly employed and use our payroll processing system to receive your salaries in the local bank account and in accordance with the local regulations with full compliance. Enjoy all the benefits of proper employment while you do what you love to do. Payment Requests

Why Native Teams?



Stay focused on your work, while we deal with the boring paperwork.


NO company
set up

Use our legal entities to get your employed status sorted.



Don't worry about time-consuming tasks. We do it for you.



Save, spend and track easily, from one place.



Taxes can be complex and confusing, so we're here to help you optimise.



Use the knowledge of our legal experts and stay compliant.



We protect your funds with strong encryption and security.



We have people on the ground who understand how things work in practice.


Boring finance and bureaucracy is now OUT line
of the modern way of work

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