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I always thought having a ‘proper’ job meant going to an office and working next to your colleagues. However, Native Teams opened my eyes to the world of working virtually alongside a team. I have never personally met my teammates, and I was at first worried that I wouldn’t bond with them or that our work ethic wouldn’t match. I have found the opposite with Native Teams, we work very hard but also take time to enrich our interpersonal relationships and we focus on professional and personal growth. For everyone, it was difficult last year but I enjoyed starting my days on a call, chatting to people from all around the world with the same goals as mine!


Native Teams provides a safe environment for remote workers. Paperwork, transactions, holidays and many more are so simple to find. You have everything you need under a single dashboard page. It’s the future platform for every employee that works remotely!


The idea of working from home seems like a sad and depressing thought especially if you are an extrovert. Fortunately with Native teams things are different, I never felt like i am working far from my colleagues, apart from working hard and being productive we always have time for fun activities through chat or zoom call. Through these activities we get a chance to know each other better. The most interesting thing to me is the multicultural environment that we have. I enjoy learning things from other cultures but also during our daily calls I love that we all speak English language but everyone has a different accent.


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