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what we offer:

what we offer:

Flexible Work Payment Solutions:

Virtual Wallet
International ATM Card
Client Invoicing
Payment Requests
More Payments, Less Fees

Virtual Wallet

Your international work payments and transactions, now all in one single place, in multiple currencies. With our virtual wallet, You can choose how to manage your finances, pay or get paid, have an overview of your transactions and top up your wallet when needed.

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Add/Send Money

Adding money to your virtual wallet can be done by bank transfer, card or Paypal. You can send fast payment requests and receive your funds directly into the wallet quickly and securely. You can withdraw your wallet funds at any time, either to your bank or send to someone else (even if they don’t use Native Teams).

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Wallet Transfers

Do you want to transfer some funds from your EUR wallet to your USD wallet or pay your team in an instance? With our wallet to wallet feature you can easily transfer money between different currency wallets in seconds, or choose to use our wallet to employee option and pay your team members right away.

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Wallet Statements

We went one step beyond the payments and enabled a statement feature available within your wallet so you can have an overview of all your payments, at any time. Choose to mark your statements as business expenses or download them in PDF for better management.

Get Wallet Statement


Invoice your clients

You can invoice any client, anywhere in the world.
Our fully-featured invoicing system allows you to generate a custom invoice and send it to your clients at any time.

  • Send invoices to clients.
  • Get paid on time.
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Native Teams ATM Card

Native Teams users can request their own ATM card that works with international payments, on any ATM in the world.

  • Withdraw your money on any ATM.
  • Withdraw your money as business expenses.
  • Pay in any store, or online with less fees.
payroll services

Payroll Services

Global payroll services available in 30+ countries. Get your team on payroll with just a click. Your team gets paid in their local currency, in their local bank. Automate the administrative processes at your company and have access to all HR documents in one place. We process taxes, social and other contributions while being fully compliant.

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Manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility.

Manage all your finances with ultimate flexibility.

Choose your desired way to get paid, on your terms, with less fees from one centralized platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are different ways to top up your wallet. We have a top up by card, bank account or Paypal as an option. The wallet can be topped up by issuing payment requests and get paid through Native Teams.

To get paid by the client you can use our client invoicing system. Generate a custom invoice and send it to your clients at any time. Clients have different options to pay you, directly into your wallet.

To withdraw the money from your virtual wallet you have: the option to transfer the money to your ATM card or transfer to you bank account.

To get a Native Teams ATM card you need to be a user on one of the paid plans. To check our pricing plans please visit our pricing page here.


Want to know more details on how international payments work?

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