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Connecting Students With Companies: Meet Dimitar Mitrevski From Bintern!

Say hi to Dimitar Mitrevski from North Macedonia who believes that young people are not only the future, they should be considered the present too. 

Dimitar is the founder and the CEO of Bintern, a platform that connects students and job seekers with companies offering internships and other job positions.

What’s Dimitar’s story? Let’s find out!

Hi Dimitar, thanks for taking the time for a short interview with Native Teams. What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a 21-years old student and entrepreneur. I started working on Bintern two years ago and since then we have progressed very much. I believe that success is a combination of hard work and helping many people achieve more.

Where did you get the idea for Bintern and how did you start with this platform?

I’ve got the idea for Bintern when I faced the same problem as many of my fellow students face. That problem was that it was mandatory for us to find an internship before we can proceed into the next year. However, we couldn’t find enough information; where to look and how to apply for an internship, what I should we do, how to create a CV, where to send it and other questions we couldn’t find the answers for. Because of this problem I said to myself I need to do something. And now, two years later, we have Bintern! It was the best decision that I have ever made to take action and tackle this problem.

Why are internships so important for students and other people looking to get their first important experience?

Internships are a crucial part of your education. As I like to say that the power of knowledge is when it’s put to work. We might know many in theory but not have practice. In that situation, our knowledge is useless because it does not serve anyone.

What kind of companies do you usually collaborate with?

We usually collaborate with IT companies, since they have a greater understanding about the value of internships and creating employees from students.

What are your target countries?

Currently Macedonia, but soon we want to expand to all Western Balkan countries and also Europe. Our vision is to become a global platform, and we are working hard towards this goal.

How big is your team and where are you based?

We have 5 team members who work full-time at the moment. Furthermore, we hire many interns that want to learn and expand their knowledge. We are based in Bitola, Macedonia.

In your opinion, how did the pandemic affect the job market?

I think that the pandemic affected the job market drastically, every job that was not related to digital technology was hit hard. As I understand, many of the low paid jobs that could be replaced by robots or information technology will go extinct. Also, we have seen an increasing trend of digital-related jobs.

What are your goals for the future?

Our goals for the future are to collaborate with companies similar to Native Teams. Companies that are going to help us achieve more and create a brighter future for everyone. As we mentioned previously, our vision is to become a global platform.

What was your first impression of Native Teams?

I would say awesome, easy to understand, open for collaboration, what I was looking for was easy to find. 

Last but not least, what would you recommend to someone looking to get their first work experience? What should they focus on?

I would first recommend registering on Bintern and editing their profile and CV. With a complete profile, the chances to land a better job are much greater. And to start applying to many jobs because you will get rejected many times, unfortunately. The most important thing is not to quit because your job may be hiding behind the next interview.

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