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Helping Young Brands Grow: Interview With The Sales Coach Becky Hayman

Helping Young Brands Grow: Interview With The Sales Coach Becky Hayman

Meet Becky Hayman – a trainer, educator and sales coach. She’s passionate about helping sales professionals improve their communication skills, overcome struggles and reach their professional goals.

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Hi Becky, thanks for taking the time to do a short interview with us. What can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, thank you. I’m a sales and communication coach and I run my own business providing that service to various people and small companies, and I absolutely love it. 🙂

How did your career evolve?

I worked in sales since I was 15, first selling double glazed windows via cold calling and knocking on doors collecting for charity, and I grew in my career from there. I started at one particular company in telesales, grew into a sales consultant for them, and then a sales presenter, and eventually a trainer for them too.

When and how did you realize you wanted to become a sales coach?

Having worked in sales for many years, I went through the ups and downs that salespeople experience and I was very lucky to have my own coaches and mentors who helped me not only to stay on track, but to excel and smash my targets and goals. I know how important it is to have someone that can look at your skills objectively and help you grow where you need to grow, support you and be your cheerleader. As I consistently was reaching success in my own sales career, I wanted to be able to do that for other salespeople.

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What made you decide you want to start your own business where you train sales teams and sales managers?

Like many, the pandemic was a catalyst for me to do something I’d wanted to officially do for a long time. At the time I was working in events as a sales presenter and ad hoc trainer, so when the event industry took a hit, I decided to officially set up as a sales coach and help people who needed it via an online medium.

What does your work entail?

Like anything in sales, the main part of my work is interaction with other people. As a “dolphin” this works great for me and I love to be able to meet new people, overcome new challenges with them and see the progress they make.

How does your typical work week look like for you?

I have scheduled sessions with my clients, who range from technology companies, to dating agencies, to online tutors and car mechanics. When I’m not in sessions I’m reviewing them and planning for the next one, as well as filming some hopefully helpful free content to put out in the social media world.

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Where do businesses (especially young brands) make the most mistakes when trying to start or and more importantly, boost their sales?

So many people focus on their product and all the information about it, but struggle to answer the question of why it would be a useful product to have. Truly understanding why someone needs you, what problems you solve, and putting yourself in the shoes of your customer does wonders for everything from marketing, to sales, to customer service.

What do you like about what you do the most?

People. To me, there’s never a dull moment speaking to someone about their life, what they do every day, what’s going well for them, what they’re struggling with, and then being able to help them overcome those obstacles and improve what they’re already good at.

And what is the most challenging part?

People! A person will only improve or change if they’re actually willing to. That can be a challenge for any type of coach and requires a skillset not just to teach, but to hopefully inspire and motivate so that the teachings are used. This can be difficult sometimes, but I love the challenge when I see it!

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What would you recommend to any young brands/people just starting out?

Expect failure and don’t be scared of it. It’s cliche but failure really is the only route to success. No one who’s a self-made millionaire, or no company that’s on a Forbes lists ever got there because everything was smooth and easy, they had things to overcome, they tried and failed a bunch of times. If you have a good relationship with failure, you learn quicker and reach success so much quicker. 

Thanks Becky and all the best to you!

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