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Native Teams teams up with Monday Learning to offer special benefits on training for graphic designers, digital marketers and freelancers!

As part of the freelancer program implemented by Monday Learning and Impact Foundation, as of today Native Teams has a new collaboration. The goal of this collaboration is to reach as many freelancers as possible and get them ready for career challenges in the graphic design and digital marketing industry.

Monday Learning in collaboration with Impact Foundation addresses the challenges related to increasing employability within the framework of the RECONOMY project to support young people in starting a career as freelancers. RECONOMY is a regional inclusive and green economic development program of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in partnership with the Impact Foundation and other organizations in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans.

Monday learning and Native Teams

About Native Teams

Native Teams‘ mission is to bring freedom back to freelancers by offering freelancer hiring services and tools to manage international client payments. Native Team’s network of over 2000 freelancers in Macedonia alone, today will have a special benefit for everyone who wants to start learning practical skills in the industry of graphic design and digital marketing.

For all the freelancers in the Native Teams network who don’t know where to start, but have creative potential and are tempted by the opportunities offered by freelancing, Monday Learning has a 20% discount on graphic design and digital marketing programs, and all participants receive it for free and training for freelancers. We believe that with this cooperation we will further increase employability and help more young enthusiasts to start a career path as freelancers in in-demand digital industries such as graphic design and digital marketing.

What you’ll get in the training program for freelancers?

Our mission with the training program for freelancers is to enable self-employment and easier access to the first career opportunities for the participants of our programs. The aim is through integrated practical training, to prepare new freelancers to start their careers making them sustainable, self-confident, and independent. The program will be tailored for people who have skills in graphic design, digital marketing, and UX/UI design, but also for those who are currently looking for ways to start learning new digital skills and want to become more familiar with the concept of freelance work. The training will be led by professional mentors who are experts in their field and have extensive freelance experience.

Comprehensive practical lectures

Each class will cover a different set of tactics and strategies to help each participant start their freelance career. Thanks to experienced mentors, each participant will have the chance to get acquainted with the freelancing process through real and practical examples.

Concrete steps that lead to a successful freelance career

During the lessons, participants will learn what specific steps to take. They will master the tools for building their own brand. They will optimize profiles accordingly and learn how to interact with a customer. They will develop a presence on freelance platforms and learn about ways to connect with relevant professional communities. Students of the graphic design training program will learn how to create their own Behance portfolio.

One-on-one mentoring

Students will work under the individual mentorship of a professional in the field, receiving guidance and recommendations on how to be proactive and use successful branding tactics; how to quickly and easily build a professional CV and portfolio, and how to create and optimize a good LinkedIn profile.

Monday Learning and Native Teams

What are the benefits of a career as a freelancer?

  • More freedom
  • You work for yourself
  • Flexible working hours
  • Full control over earnings
  • Improved skill set

About the graphic design program at Monday Learning

The graphic design program at Monday Learning lasts 3 months and is designed in such a way that it offers the opportunity for intensive learning and development, with specific practical exercises, and work on projects from several different clients. Thanks to the practical work, each participant begins to build his professional portfolio and already has the first projects that he can present at a job interview.

The 3-month program prepares students to master the most sought-after skills and tools. The focus is on the most sought-after and most relevant tools that are needed when working as a graphic designer in a digital agency, a software company, or in any company where a graphic designer is needed. Students learn how to design for social media, print, web, and every aspect of using visual forms. The main focus is on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop tools, and the program is run by professionals in the field of graphic design.

About the Digital Marketing program at Monday Learning

Monday Learning’s digital marketing training provides an in-depth understanding of some of the most used tools for digital marketers. During the lectures, participants will learn how to take advantage of the key advantages of these tools to strengthen their efforts in digital marketing specialization. These tools, along with best practices, create a synergistic effect that can turn an anemic marketing strategy into one that delivers better results and higher ROI. These are part of the modules that will be studied in the three-month digital marketing training: Digital Marketing Fundamentals & Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Landing Pages & Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization.
Enrollment for the graphic design program and digital marketing program in Monday Learning is ongoing. Reserve your place here.

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We can help you hire, get hired or even open an international office.

Explore our pool of opportunities - NO borders needed.

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