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The Native Teams Remoter Plan – All the Benefits While Working Remotely

The Native Teams Remoter Plan – All the Benefits While Working Remotely

The Native Teams Remoter Plan - All the Benefits While Working Remotely

As much as freelancing and the remote way of working come with their own benefits, there are also challenges, such as the lack of employment benefits and the security that comes with being regularly employed. 

Native Teams, the all-in-one platform for freelancers, remote workers, and independent contractors, is coming up with a solution that solves these major gig economy issues and empowers individuals to build careers on their own terms – the Native Teams Remoter plan

Curious about this game-changing employment solution? Keep reading to discover all the aspects of the Remoter plan and how it can revolutionise your independent career.

What is the Native Teams Remoter plan?

Crafted with your flexibility and freedom in mind, the idea behind the Remoter plan comes from a genuine necessity rather than just a profitable business idea. Back in 2018, Native Teams’ co-founders were looking for a solution to address their own struggles, resulting in a revolutionary product that solves one of the biggest issues of independent work. 

The Remoter plan combines the best of both worlds – providing you with official employment status and benefits while giving you the flexibility to work for your own clients on your own terms. By being legally employed through one of Native Teams’ legal entities in 65+ countries, you can rest assured that you’re enjoying regular employment security without worrying about receiving employee benefits, ensuring tax compliance, and sacrificing your freedom in the gig economy. 

Who is the Remoter plan intended for?

The Remoter plan is crafted for ambitious professionals seeking the ultimate stability, flexibility, and independence that goes beyond traditional employment structures and adapts to the unique needs and requirements of modern work trends. 

1. Freelancers

The independence of freelance work often comes at the cost of job stability and employment security. By providing official employment status and benefits, freelancers can finally break free from the uncertainty of their independent careers, embrace the privilege of being legally employed in their own country, and enjoy the support they need to thrive on their own terms. 

2. Remote workers 

Remote work, with its promise of flexibility, often lacks the stability and the official employment benefits that come with traditional work setups. With Native Teams’ Remoter plan, remote workers and their employers can embrace the world as their workplace and enjoy maximum freedom, all while not compromising local employment perks. 

3. Contractors 

The gig economy is rather dynamic, also lacking the employment stability of traditional work structures. However, with Native Teams’ solutions, independent contractors can still enjoy the freedom of working on the global market without sacrificing their entrepreneurial spirit and the security of being locally employed. 

What do you get with the Remoter plan?

Native Teams are empowering freelancers, remote workers, and independent contractors with a complete suite of all the tools and features needed to work on the global market while being locally employed. 

1. Get properly employed

By getting properly employed through one of Native Teams’ legal entities in 65+ countries, you’re gaining:

  • Official employment status that allows you to build a legitimate career away from traditional employment structures.
  • Mandatory and extra employee benefits such as healthcare, insurance, and pension, all without the hassle of navigating individual benefit plans. 
  • Employment contracts and local documents that are crafted per your country’s labour laws to ensure that your rights are protected.
  • Localised payroll calculators to easily calculate your salary and contributions with maximum accuracy.

2. Optimise taxes and stay compliant

Native Teams will provide you with practical tools and features to optimise your tax obligations and stay on top of your tax compliance.

  • Tax allowances in your country to maximise your tax efficiency.
  • Tax reporting documents for transparent financial reporting and compliance.

3. Access simplified payment tools

When getting Native Teams’ Remoter plan, you’re also getting access to all the features of Native Teams’ Payments plan, including:

  • Client invoicing tool to bill your global clients without having your own legal entity.
  • Payment request tool to easily send one-time or recurring payment requests.
  • Multi-currency virtual wallet to manage all of your finances within one platform.
  • Native Teams card for simple and secure online and in-store payments worldwide.
  • Withdraw to a local bank functionality for maximum convenience when managing your funds.
  • Euro IBAN for easy and secure international transactions without any limitations. 
  • Native vault to securely store your earnings and earn even more on your savings.

How to get the Remoter plan from Native Teams?

Interested in embracing the Native Teams Remoter plan as a revolutionising self-employment concept? Below is our comprehensive guide, including the steps for obtaining the Remoter plan, eligibility requirements, the costs associated with our solution, and other useful features you get with the Remoter plan.

How to get the Native Teams Remoter plan

Curious about how to get the Native Teams Remoter plan? The process is very easy and can be done with a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Native Teams website and navigate to the Pricing section at the top of the site.
  2. Click on the “Get Remoter” button within the Remoter plan tab.
  3. Fill in your personal information and click on the “Proceed to checkout” button.
  4. Fill in your payment information to finalise the process.

Eligibility requirements

The Native Teams Remoter plan is intended for every freelancer, remote worker, and independent contractor who wants to get the security and benefits of legal employment and access simplified tools and features for successful global work. 

Our platform is currently available in 66 countries worldwide. If you’re curious about whether your country is on the list, you can visit our Knowledge Base, where you can find detailed information about our available countries.

Remoter plan pricing

The Native Teams Remoter plan can be purchased within three subscription tiers, depending on your income threshold:

  • Starting at €49 for an income of up to €1,500 per month.
  • €99 for an income of up to €5,500 per month.
  • €179 for an income of over €5,500 per month.

Our pricing rates are part of our commitment to transparency, accessibility, and fair treatment to all of our users while providing flexible solutions that cater to your individual needs. We constantly strive to make our pricing a true reflection of the excellent customer experience and the exceptional value we aim to provide. 

Visit our pricing page to check how we calculate prices. 

What else do you get with the Remoter plan?

Beyond legal employment and benefits, Native Teams’ Remoter plan is designed to provide additional value that will revolutionise your professional journey and enhance your overall experience on the Native Teams platform. 

Below are some of the additional benefits you can reap when using our Remoter plan:

  • No paperwork – We will handle all the administrative and compliance tasks on your behalf, so that you can focus on what matters most.
  • Flexibility and customisation – We’re committed to delivering the best possible value by providing you with flexibility and completely tailored solutions for your individual preferences and needs.
  • Saving time and money – Our expert teams will handle the most tedious bureaucratic aspects of your job, leaving you free to focus on what you do best and saving you more valuable time and money.
  • Further customisation with add-ons – You can customise your Native Teams platform even more by purchasing add-ons that align with your preferences and needs. Add-ons for individual plans include work visas and permits, additional employee benefits, travel booking, coworking spaces, weekly pay, and many more. 
  • Expert guidance – You can always rely on our local tax and compliance teams for every payment, employment, and tax-related matter at every step of your professional journey.
  • Local support and communication – Our goal is to become your trustworthy ally on which you can always rely for smooth and clear communication and efficient platform experience.


As the lack of legal employment and regular employee benefits stand out as the most significant challenges of freelancing and gig economy work, Native Teams comes up with a revolutionary solution to transform your independent career. 

With Native Teams’ Remoter plan, freelancers, remote workers, and independent contractors can reap all the benefits of being legally employed while still enjoying the freedom of global work. 

Ready to embrace the benefits of legal employment? Get started now!

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