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What is the Native Teams partnership programme?

The Native Teams partnership programme offers many valuable opportunities for forward-thinking companies who aim to make an impact in the global world of work. Our partners can utilise our simplified payments, employment, tax optimisation, and global mobility solutions for their unique business needs.

With a commitment to remote work, flexible solutions, and advanced payment technologies, our partners can benefit from our global presence in 65+ countries and a team of more than 200 professionals to enhance their offerings and expand their global networks. With our partnership programme, you can become a part of a community that is dedicated to shaping the future of work.

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How does it work?

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Identifying the mutual goals and possibilities
We consider all of the potential opportunities and possibilities for creating a strategic partnership that benefits both parties’ goals and objectives.

Who can benefit from a partnership with us?

Native Teams partners up with like-minded companies that share our vision of enhancing financial literacy and well-being and revolutionising the global world of work.

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Co-working spaces

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Startup hubs and accelerators

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Recruiting agencies

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Talent acquisition companies

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Job boards

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Fintech companies

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Hardware and equipment management businesses

Showcase your offering to more than 90,000 global users of the Native Teams platform!

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Why partner with Native Teams?

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Access to new leads and revenue generation

Gain access to Native Teams’ extensive customer base to elevate your business growth. Utilise the opportunity to attract new leads and generate additional revenue through our established network of users.

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Global exposure and strategic promotion

Showcase your offering as a featured benefit add-on to all the global users of the Native Teams platform. Your presence in the Partner Marketplace allows our users to interact with your brand, helping you foster connections and build relationships with potential customers.

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Brand strengthening through shared promotion

Boost your brand visibility and credibility through shared promotional activities with Native Teams. Coordinated marketing efforts create an extended market presence, enhance your brand’s strength, and foster customer trust.

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Sales enablement for coherent integration

Ensure that your team is equipped with the right knowledge and tools for positioning and promoting our services effectively. We’ll provide your sales team with training programmes, resources, and continued support to help them integrate and promote Native Teams within your offer.

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International hiring without compliance worries

Hire individuals worldwide and ensure they’re paid on time in their local currencies. Native Teams will take care of all the paperwork and ensure that you’re hiring in compliance with local labour and tax laws in each employee’s country.

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Best-in-class employee benefits

Provide your remote workforce with the best-in-class employment benefits tailored to each country’s labour laws and regulations. Enhance your global employees’ well-being and satisfaction while Native Teams takes care of everything else.

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Borderless account for simplified financial management

Experience financial freedom and simplify the management of your finances with a borderless Native Teams account. Through our platform, you can save, spend, and effortlessly track your funds on a global level - all from a single place.

What can we achieve together?

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Establish as digital and remote work innovators

With combined expertise, we can revolutionise conventional work practices and create solutions that offer efficiency, flexibility, and productivity.

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Raise awareness about financial literacy and stability

Together, we can inspire businesses and individuals to elevate their financial well-being and make informed financial decisions.

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Connect employers and employees on global levels

Our joint initiative can create new opportunities for accessing a wider talent pool and inspire professional development and growth.

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Help erase geographical work boundaries

With mutual effort, we can empower individuals and organisations to reach their full potential and break down geographical barriers.

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