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Employment, Payments & Tax Partnerships

Native Teams works with international partners looking to deliver integrated payment solutions.


The Employment, Payments & Tax infrastructure for Remote Work

For Gig Working Platforms

‘Gig’ working platforms have brought opportunities to corners of the world where great jobs can otherwise be fewer and further between.

Often, however, the tax and banking sectors in those countries aren’t best placed to keep up.

We partner with work platforms to deliver long term, white-hat employment options for their dedicated, hard-working providers.

For Payments Platforms

The Fintech revolution has delivered an amazing proliferation in financial platforms that are changing the world.

For some countries though, the flexibility offered by some platforms doesn’t fit with the banking system.

We work with payments platforms to enhance their in-country offerings where the regulatory framework is otherwise cumbersome.

For Anyone Else

From co-working spaces to software vendors to hardware delivery to lawyers and accountants. We have a strong history of partnerships.

If you have an idea which Native Teams could help make better, please get in touch with us!

Remote Work, End to End

Why Native Teams?

Our Focus Countries

Native Teams was created to enable the most suitable talent in the world to work on the best jobs they want, anywhere in the world.

As a by-product of that, we are building deep presences in countries otherwise under-supported by many banking and payments provisions.

Flexible Work and Payments

Our infrastructure is connected to the tax authorities in the countries where we operate, ensuring that otherwise underserved remote workers and wider populations around the world can increasingly benefit from the flexible work and payments revolution.

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