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How to Find Remote Jobs?

Remote work is growing and becoming more and more popular. According to Google Trends, a record number of people have searched for remote work opportunities in the last few years.

But how can you transition to remote work, what skills do you need to have and most importantly, where can you find remote work opportunities? Look no further, we’ve done all the research for you!

How to find remote jobs

A Guide on How to Start Looking for Remote Jobs

Even though there are heaps of remote jobs available worldwide at the moment, you still have to make sure you have all the right skills before you can become a successful remote worker.

How to Start Looking for Remote Jobs

Know What Remote Employers are Looking for 

The majority of job descriptions mention what skills or experience level is required to be considered for the job. Next to the job requirements, employers also look for another set of skills when hiring remote workers. 

They want to know whether their potential new hire has the ability to work independently and has good communication skills. During the interview process, they might ask you about your prior remote experience, reasons why you want to work remotely and check your technical skills. They will want to learn more about your time management skills and make sure you have a healthy work-life balance, which can often get blurry when working remotely.

Write Your Resume for a Remote Job Application

Creating a good resume can be one of the biggest challenges when applying for a new job, especially if that job is remote. Forget about sending a generic resume to all the positions you’re applying for—you should take the time to tailor your resume to each specific job. And make sure you mention specific skills which would make you a great remote worker!

Are you not sure how to write your resume? Check out our 10 tips on how to write a good CV.

Write Resume for Remote Job Application

7 Top Remote Jobs Skills for Work From Home 

Here are the top 7 skills that you need if you want to be a successful remote worker.

1. Ability To Work Independently

Remote employers are looking for self-starters, who do not only have the needed technical skills but also have a strong work ethic. When you are part of a remote team spread across the world, being able to work independently is even more important than in a traditional work environment.

2. Self-motivation

When there is nobody to check whether you’re working or not, you need to motivate yourself to stay productive. If you want to become a successful remote worker, you’ll need to learn how to create your own schedule and make sure you keep focused on a task.

3. Time Management

When you work remotely, you have more control of your time, so you need to find a way how to prioritize your own tasks. We suggest learning more about project management skills and making sure you follow a routine that will help you stay ahead of your tasks.

Time Menagement as Remote Jobs Skill

4. Strong (Written) Communication Skills

Good communication is essential in every work environment but is even more important when working remotely. When most of the communications happen online (through email, chat, etc.), it is critical to make sure we communicate clearly.

5. Team Player With Cross-Cultural Mindset

You should be able to collaborate and find common ground with different team members from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Even though this can sometimes be a challenge, it is also a great opportunity to open your mind and learn about different cultures.

6. Ability to use and learn new digital tools

Remote work of any kind relies heavily on digital tools and each remote team will have its own set of tools and ways to facilitate remote working. You do not have to know each digital tool out there but you do need to have an open mindset and be prepared to learn new technologies on your own.

7. Work-life balance

Despite the myths about remote work, one of the biggest challenges of remote work is overworking. When you don’t have to physically leave the office, the boundaries between work and personal time can easily get blurry, that’s why it is important to set boundaries and avoid burnout.

Work Life Balance as Remote Jobs Skill

10 Websites Where to Find Remote Jobs

Check out the 10 websites and platforms where you can find a fully remote job, no matter where in the world you currently live.

1. Flexjobs

Flexjobs has been the #1 place to find remote and flexible job opportunities since 2007. It features over 50 remote work categories with more than 20.000 active job posts and pre-screened positions. You can find a range of different gigs there, from small freelancing projects to full-time executive positions. They also offer other resources that can help you find remote jobs, often organize events and webinars and can also give you personalized career advise

2. We Work Remotely

Weworkremotely has one of the largest remote work communities in the world. Its simple virtual job board attracts more than 3 million visitors to the platform and connects its users with remote work opportunities all around the world. Weworkremotely’s platform has been trusted by leading companies like Google, Amazon, Basecamp and others. You can also opt-in for a daily newsletter, so you can get fresh listings delivered straight to your inbox.

3. allows you to search for the best remote jobs by job type, like design positions, customer service opportunities, development jobs, recruitment, HR, marketing and others. It also has a rich resource hub with articles that can help you start working remotely along with online courses and even career coaching.

4. JustRemote

JustRemote is another job board that covers many remote job positions from development, design, marketing, customer service, sales, writing, etc. You can filter by location and see if positions have specific country or timezone restrictions. It also offers great resources and remote work tips!

5. Remotive

Remotive is yet another job board that also offers a bi-monthly newsletter for jobseekers interested in working remotely. Its robust list includes remote positions that are filtered by location and category. The platform also offers other resources that can help people interested in working remotely—like a blog, webinars, guides, and remote tools.

Remotive Where to Find Remote Jobs

6. Working Nomads

Working Nomads curates the best digital jobs for those looking to start their telecommuting career. You can sign up for their newsletter and they will deliver their best remote jobs straight to your inbox. You can opt either for daily or weekly emails and wait for that dream remote job to come to you.

7. Jobspresso

Jobspresso offers expertly curated remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support and more. You can search their virtual job board to find the job you like the most, or simply post your resume to be seen by potential employers. The platform has been trusted by some big names in the industry, like Forbes, Business Insider, The New York Times and others.

8. Remoteworkers

Remoteworkers allows you to directly apply to companies offering remote positions, which means you will communicate directly with your potential employer without any third parties. Similarly to other platforms, you can filter by job category and location.

9. Pangian

Pangian offers a simple job board of open remote positions from several categories available in different corners of the world. They also have one of the fastest growing remote communities worldwide, in which new (potential) remote workers are more than welcome to participate.

10. LinkedIn

Even though LinkedIn is primarily a professional social network, it also has one of the largest job boards, where you can find amazing new (remote) job listings. Simply filter by remote job type and you will be able to see all the remote job opportunities in your location, or anywhere else you’d like to work in.

LinkedIn Where to Find Remote Jobs

Start Your Remote Job Search Now

Remote work is rapidly growing with more and more companies providing remote opportunities. We hope this blog post will help you switch your career in the remote direction and help you enjoy all the perks that remote work brings, such as little-to-no-commuting, a flexible schedule and a better work-life balance.

Once you find a remote job that you like, make sure to check our payment and employment solutions. The Native Teams platform was designed to help freelancers and remote workers manage their payments and employment.

Barbara Borko
Barbara Borko is a copywriter and content creator, interested in remote work, tech, and people. She has lived in 5 countries around the world and in her free time, she likes to spend time outdoors and create content for her adventure travel blog.

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