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Employ Native Teams as your Employer of Record when extending your global business into Algeria. Benefit from simplified employment processes, payroll management, and tax optimisation services to ensure a smooth international expansion, free from administrative and compliance challenges.

Why use an employer of record services in Algeria?

In order to employ individuals from Algeria, employers are required to have their own business establishment in the country. This involves a few legal and administrative procedures, such as registering a physical office address and obtaining a tax identification number.

With the Native Teams Employer of Record Algeria solutions, you can seamlessly operate in the country without establishing a legal entity, which will save you a lot of time and resources for managing administration and compliance.

How do EOR services in Algeria work?

When you utilise our Employer of Record solutions to onboard an individual, the employment arrangement becomes a shared responsibility between you as the business owner and us as the legal employer.

As the legal employer for your organisation, Native Teams assumes responsibility for your administrative tasks, compliance with local regulations, global payroll management, and guidance on tax optimisation. Meanwhile, you maintain control over the day-to-day management of your employees, with the sole obligation of covering service-related fees to Native Teams.

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Requirements for employment in Algeria

Algeria's employment laws are specifically tailored to the country's cultural and societal norms, making it essential to comprehend them thoroughly when hiring local talent. To employ workers in Algeria, you should comply with rules and regulations established by law.

Legal entity

Employers in Algeria are obligated to register a legal entity before hiring individuals or undertaking any economic activity in the country.

Tax compliance

Employers operating in Algeria must understand and adhere to Algerian tax regulations, which encompass corporate taxes as well as the withholding and remittance of employee taxes.

Employment contracts

Employers must provide their employees with employment contracts that are compliant with Algerian labour laws. In Algeria, it is possible to find 2 types of employment contracts. These are limited (fixed) term contracts and unlimited term contracts, respectively.

Annual leave

Employees in Algeria typically get 2.5 days of paid vacation leave for each month worked, with a maximum accumulation of 30 days per year.

Tax submission

Employers are legally obligated to accurately calculate, withhold, and remit social security contributions and income taxes from their employees’ salaries to the relevant taxation authorities in Algeria.

Local labour laws

Employers must also adhere to local labour laws governing aspects such as working hours, minimum wage standards, termination procedures, and provisions for paid leave. It's important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and legal obligations may vary depending on job classifications and individual situations. Therefore, employers should stay informed about the most recent legislation and regulations to mitigate potential legal risks.

You can read more about hiring in Algeria in our Knowledge Base.

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Key features of Algeria employer of record with Native Teams

Employment arrangements

Native Teams facilitates compliant employment arrangements for your workforce in Algeria. Your employees will be formally employed through our entity and provided with employment contracts that adhere to local labour laws and regulations.

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Efficient HR management

Streamline HR operations with Native Teams' centralised platform. Access a user-friendly dashboard to organise and oversee HR documentation for your international workforce.

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Customised payroll solutions

Simplify payroll processing in Algeria with Native Teams' tailored payroll calculators. Ensure accurate computations for salaries, taxes, benefits, and other contributions for your employees across more than 65+ countries globally.

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Comprehensive benefits provision

Benefit from our Employer of Record solutions, ensuring that your employees in Algeria receive mandatory benefits such as healthcare, pension, and insurance coverage. Employers can also offer additional perks like gym memberships or wellness programs through our platform.

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your Algeria employer of record?

Native Teams facilitates your smooth entry into the Algerian market. With a presence in over 65+ countries worldwide, we ensure a seamless process for hiring and onboarding employees internationally.

Rely on our dedicated teams of tax and legal experts who are well-versed in managing global payroll, taxes, HR administration, and compliance with local employment laws and regulations in Algeria.

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