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Native Teams can simplify the process of hiring employees from Brazil. Let us handle your payroll, taxes, and compliance with local labour laws while you’re focusing on the growth of your business.

Why use an employer of record services in Brazil?

If you want to hire a new employee from Brazil, you must first establish a legal entity in the country. This includes finding a physical office, registering your office address, and opening a local bank account. Additionally, you must deal with payroll, taxes, and other administrative tasks, which can take much valuable time and effort.

With Native Teams, you can skip all of these difficulties. Through our Employer of Record Brazil solutions, you can rest assured that you’re hiring and onboarding employees while staying in full compliance with local employment laws.

How do EOR services in Brazil work?

When you use our platform to hire employees in Brazil, the employment becomes jointly shared between you as a business owner and Native Teams as a legal employer.

Native Teams will take care of your payroll, taxes and administrative tasks while fully complying with local employment laws. You’re keeping control over your business’s daily activities and only have the simple task of covering the fees to the leasing company.

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Requirements for employment in Brazil

In Brazil, there are several legal and tax requirements that employers need to follow to ensure compliance. The most important ones include:

Employment contract

A written contract is generally required to define the terms of employment and provide better legal protection.

Employment registration book

Employees from Brazil must have an employment registration book (Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social - CTPS), where their employers will keep a record of important employment information.

Work permits and visas

In order to get legal employment in Brazil, foreign employees must obtain a visa from the immigration authorities.

Tax identification number

Employees in Brazil need to obtain a tax identification number (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas - CPF) for administrative and tax purposes.

Social security taxes

Employers in Brazil need to withhold healthcare, retirement, and unemployment insurance taxes and submit them to the tax authorities.

Income taxes

Employers in Brazil also need to withhold income taxes from employees’ salaries and remit them to the tax authorities.

Local labour laws

Employers need to adhere to the Brazilian labour regulations regarding minimum wage, working hours, paid leaves, notice period, and termination of employment.

Note that employment laws in Brazil are subject to change. It’s essential to keep up with the latest legislation in order to stay fully compliant.

Please note that all these requirements may vary depending on the job type, the employer and individual circumstances.

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Features of Brazil employer of record with Native Teams

Employment status

Through our local business entities, Native Teams will provide your employees with legal employment status and employment contracts compliant with Brazilian labour laws.

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HR administration and documentation

You will get access to a centralised dashboard where you can organise and manage all of your employees’ HR documentation with a single click.

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Global payroll

Our country-adjusted payroll calculators will simplify the process of managing salaries, taxes, benefits, and other contributions for your employees in 65+ countries.

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Ensure that your employees are getting all the mandatory benefits, including healthcare, retirement, and insurance. You can also offer additional benefits, such as wellness programmes, gym memberships, access to coworking spaces, and others.

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your Brazil employer of record?

Native Teams is recognised for providing outstanding EOR services to businesses that want to expand globally. With legal entities in 65+ countries, you can hire and onboard employees without any difficulties.

Our teams of legal and tax experts are at your service, whether it’s for support regarding global payroll, taxation, and HR administration or assistance in staying compliant with local employment laws.

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