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Native Teams is an employer of record (EOR) that makes it easy for businesses to hire employees in France. We act as the legal employer of your employees, so you don't have to establish a separate business entity in France. We handle all the local laws, taxes, and international payroll management, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why use an employer of record services in France?

Normally, companies need to establish a legal entity in France in order to hire new employees, which includes registering an address, finding an office, and opening a local bank account. Managing local payroll, taxes, regulations, and benefits can be a lengthy process, taking months to complete.

Nevertheless, by leveraging an employer of record (EOR) provider like Native Teams, your business can operate in France without forming a legal entity. This approach saves you time and resources while ensuring adherence to employment laws and regulations.

How do EOR services in France work?

When you hire an employee through our employer of record (EOR) service in France, we become their legal employer. This means we handle all aspects of their employment, such as payroll, taxes, benefits, and compliance with French employment laws.

You retain full control over your team's work, and your only responsibility is to pay us a fee for our services, covering the associated costs.

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Requirements for employment in France

Check out some of the legal and tax requirements that employers must meet when hiring employees in France:

Employment incentives

The French government offers various employment incentives to encourage job creation. These can include subsidies, tax credits, and reduced social security contributions for certain categories of employees, such as young workers or individuals from specific target groups.

Employment contracts

France has well-defined employment contract regulations that provide protection to both employers and employees. Standard employment contracts offer stability and clarity regarding the terms and conditions of employment.

Social security system

France has a comprehensive social security system that provides employees with access to healthcare, retirement benefits, unemployment benefits, and other social welfare programs. Employers contribute to this system on behalf of their employees.

Training and professional development

The French government promotes ongoing training and professional development through various initiatives. Employers can benefit from tax credits or subsidies when investing in employee training programs to enhance skills and competencies.

Research and development (R&D) tax incentives

France offers attractive tax incentives for companies engaged in research and development activities. These incentives aim to encourage innovation and technological advancements by providing tax relief on R&D expenses.

Tax deductions

Employers in France can benefit from tax deductions on certain business expenses, such as travel expenses, business-related meals, and professional training costs.

Collective bargaining agreements

France has a strong tradition of collective bargaining agreements between employers and trade unions. These agreements help establish industry-specific standards and can provide flexibility in employment conditions within legal frameworks.

Labor market flexibility

Recent labor reforms in France have aimed to increase labor market flexibility by easing regulations around working hours, dismissal procedures, and collective redundancies. This provides employers with more flexibility in managing their workforce.

It is important to note that the availability and specifics of these benefits may vary depending on factors such as the size of the company, industry sector, and specific government policies.

Please note that all these requirements may vary depending on the job type, the employer and individual circumstances.

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Features of France employer of record with Native Teams

Employment status

When hiring through Native Teams, your new employee will be properly employed through our entity and will receive a contract following all French employment laws and regulations.

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HR administration and documentation

We will automate all the HR administration and keep the documentation of all your global employees in your Native Teams dashboard, allowing you to access everything with one click.

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Global payroll

Calculating salaries, taxes, benefits, and other deductions for your global workforce can be daunting. Our payroll calculators simplify the process and allow you to manage payroll for all employees on a single platform.

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We'll ensure that your new employee receives all mandatory benefits, such as healthcare, insurance, and pension. Additionally, you can offer them extra benefits like gym memberships and wellness options!

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your France employer of record?

Native Teams has legal entities in 70+ countries around the world and has been recognized for its outstanding EOR services, helping companies expand and hire internationally.

Our tax, legal and compliance experts can help you with everything you need regarding hiring and paying your employees and taking care of all your administrative tasks such as HR admin, payroll, risk management and more.

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