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Native Teams ensures a smooth hiring experience in Nepal. We handle all the complexities associated with local laws, tax regulations, and international payroll management. This allows you to concentrate on growing and expanding your team without any distractions.

Why use an Employer of Record services in Nepal?

If you intend to recruit employees in Nepal, it is necessary to establish physical offices in the country. This process can be quite time-consuming as it involves tasks like registering an office address, setting up a local bank account, and adhering to local tax regulations.

By utilising Native Teams' employer of record services in Nepal, you can begin the hiring process without the need to create a legal entity in the country. This not only saves you valuable time and resources but also ensures that your business remains compliant with all local laws and regulations in Nepal.

How do EOR services in Nepal work?

When utilising our EOR service to hire a new employee in Nepal, the employment arrangement will be a shared responsibility between you, the business owner, and Native Teams.

As the business owner, you will maintain crucial management control over your employees' work and daily operations. Meanwhile, Native Teams will assume the role of the legal employer. Your main obligation will be to make payments to the leasing company, covering expenses such as payroll, taxes, benefits, and administrative fees. We will take care of all other aspects of the process.

How PEO Works

Requirements for employment in Nepal

When hiring in Nepal, employers must comply with several legal and tax requirements.

Employment contracts

Employment contracts must be made in Nepali or English language. The contract should specify the job responsibilities, compensation, benefits, working hours, and termination clauses.

Health and safety conditions

According to Nepal labour law, employees are entitled to safe working conditions regardless of their working place.

Minimum wage requirements

Every employee in Nepal must receive at least the minimum wage to cover the essential amenities.

Social security fund

The Nepal government has established social security funds for long-term savings, health insurance and accident insurance and retirement plans. When an employer hires an employee in Nepal, they should specify if a portion of the money will go to the social security fund.

Workplace sexual harassment of women

Under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, sexual abuse is strongly prohibited. The victim of sexual harassment has the right to file a complaint.

Working visa

Foreign workers must acquire a working visa before working in Nepal. The Department of Immigration issues the working visa upon the recommendation from the Ministry of Government of Nepal and a Labor Permit from the Department of Labor and Work Agreement and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Paying taxes

Employers are responsible for paying taxes to the provident fund and VAT at a standard rate.

It’s important to note that employment laws and regulations can differ depending on the nature of the job, employer and individual circumstances.

You can read more about hiring in Nepal in our Knowledge Base.

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Features of Nepal Employer of Record with Native Teams

Employment status

When hiring through Native Teams, your new employee will be properly employed through our entity and will receive a contract following all the Nepal employment laws and regulations.

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HR administration and documentation

We will automate all the HR administration and keep the documentation of all your global employees in your Native Teams dashboard, allowing you to access everything with one click.

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Global payroll

Calculating salaries, taxes, benefits, and other deductions for your global workforce can be daunting. Our payroll calculators simplify the process and allow you to manage payroll for all employees in a single platform.

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We'll ensure that your new employee receives all mandatory benefits, such as healthcare, insurance, and pension. Additionally, you can offer them extra benefits like gym memberships and wellness options!

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your Nepal Employer of Record?

Native Teams has legal entities in 70+ countries around the world and has been recognised for its outstanding EOR services, helping companies expand and hire internationally.

Our tax, legal and compliance experts can help you with everything you need regarding hiring and paying your employees and taking care of all your administrative tasks such as HR admin, payroll, risk management and more.

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