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Native Teams can simplify the process of recruiting employees in the Netherlands. We handle all the complexities associated with local regulations, tax systems, and global payroll administration, allowing you to concentrate on developing and growing your team.

Why use an employer of record services in the Netherlands?

If you’re planning to hire employees in the Netherlands, you will be required to set up physical offices in the country. The whole process is quite time-consuming as it entails registering an office address, creating a local bank account and following local tax regulations.

With Native Teams employer of record Netherlands services, you’ll be able to start hiring without having to establish a legal entity in the Netherlands. This will save you a significant amount of time and resources while making sure your business complies with all the laws and regulations.

How do EOR services in the Netherlands work?

When utilising our Employer of Record (EOR) service in the Netherlands to onboard a new employee, you maintain complete control over their work and daily operations.

At the same time, Native Teams assumes the role of their legal employer, managing administrative tasks such as payroll, taxes, and benefits. Your sole responsibility is to make payments to the leasing company to cover these expenses while we handle everything else.

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Requirements for employment in the Netherlands

Here are some of the legal and tax requirements for employment in the Netherlands:

Registering as an employer

Employers who will hire employees for the first time in the Netherlands are obliged to register as an employer with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. By doing so, the employer will receive a payroll tax number. The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK should also be informed about new hires with a change form 14.

Providing a written employment contract

An employment contract must be provided to the employee within the first month of work. The contract should outline the salary, working hours, holiday leave and public holidays, and holiday allowance.

Minimum wage laws

Employees must receive at least the minimum wage. There’s also a youth minimum wage which applies to employees aged between 15 and 21.

Establishing a payroll system

Employers have to set up a payroll system where they can manage their employees' salaries, taxes, and other mandatory deductions.

Ensuring healthy and safe work conditions

Employers must ensure that their employees work in safe conditions. The Netherlands Labour Authority can provide employers with information on the working conditions they have to meet.

Drawing up a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E)

Once employees are hired, the employer is obliged to draw up a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) in which the employer has to state the risks that the employees might face and the measures to overcome them.

Paying social security contributions

Employers must deduct funds from their employees’ salaries and pay social security contributions on their behalf.

Applying for a permit for work or residence

Initially, employers are obliged to recruit employees in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. If they fail to find employees there, they can extend their search to other countries.

When employing employees in other countries for less than three months, employees must apply for work permits. Employing a worker for more than three months requires applying for a combined permit for work and residence.

Please keep in mind that these requirements may differ based on factors such as the nature of the job, the employer, and individual circumstances.

Please note that all these requirements may vary depending on the job type, the employer and individual circumstances.

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Features of the Netherlands employer of record with Native Teams

Employment status

When hiring through Native Teams, your new employee will be properly employed through our entity and will receive a contract following all the employment laws and regulations of the Netherlands.

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HR administration and documentation

We will automate all the HR administration and keep the documentation of all your global employees in your Native Teams dashboard, allowing you to access everything with one click.

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Global payroll

Calculating salaries, taxes, benefits, and other deductions for your global workforce can be daunting. Our payroll calculators simplify the process and allow you to manage payroll for all employees on a single platform.

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We'll ensure that your new employee receives all mandatory benefits, such as healthcare, insurance, and pension. Additionally, you can offer them extra benefits like gym memberships and wellness options!

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your Netherlands employer of record?

Native Teams has legal entities in 65+ countries around the world and has been recognized for its outstanding EOR services, helping companies expand and hire internationally.

Our tax, legal and compliance experts can help you with everything you need regarding hiring and paying your employees and taking care of all your administrative tasks such as HR admin, payroll, risk management and more.

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