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Thailand EOR Services

Native Teams’ EOR solutions can help your business expand in Thailand. Let us handle your global payroll, taxes, and HR documentation while you focus on your business’s core operations.

Why use an Employer of Record services in Thailand?

Businesses in Thailand have a few legal obligations prior to hiring individuals, among which is setting up a legal entity in the country. The procedure includes establishing a physical office address, opening a local bank account, obtaining a tax identification number, and other administrative tasks which can be very time-consuming.

To skip the difficulties of opening a legal entity, employers can utilise Native Teams’ Employer of Record Thailand solutions. By acting as a legal employer, we will handle your global payroll, taxes, and HR documentation, saving you valuable time and finances.

How do EOR services in Thailand work?

When partnering with Native Teams, employment becomes a shared responsibility between you as a business owner and us as the legal employer of your company.

Under this arrangement, we take over responsibilities such as payroll, taxes, administration, and compliance with local labour laws, leaving you free to focus on your business. Your only responsibility will be to make a payment to cover the expenses.

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Requirements for employment in Thailand

Here are some of the legal requirements for hiring employees in Thailand:

Company registration

Every business must have a legal establishment before employing individuals from Thailand.

Employment contracts

Thailand's labour laws don't impose written employment contracts, but they're important for both parties' legal protection.

Minimum wage

Employers must adhere to the minimum wage laws set by Thailand’s National Wage Committee.

Social security

Employers are obligated to register each employee for social security benefits like healthcare coverage and pension and contribute to the social security fund.


Employers have the legal obligation to withhold income and other taxes from the salaries of their employees and remit them to Thailand’s tax authorities.

Employee benefits

Employers are required to provide employee benefits like paid annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, public holidays, and other benefits mandated by labour regulations.

Reporting requirements

Reporting requirements involve providing specific information to Thailand's government authorities. This may include employee information reporting, social security and tax reporting, and reporting to the country’s Ministry of Labour.

It’s important to understand that the requirements above may vary depending on the nature of the job and individual circumstances.

You can learn more about hiring in Thailand in our Knowledge Base.

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Features of Thailand Employer of Record with Native Teams

Employment status

Employers can provide their employees with employment status through our legal entities in Thailand. In addition to being formally employed, your employees will also receive employment contracts in compliance with local labour laws.

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HR administration and documentation

Native Teams allows you to enhance HR efficiency through a centralised platform. Get access to a simple dashboard where you can arrange, manage, and organise all your HR documentation for your worldwide employees.

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Global payroll

You can simplify your payroll management with Native Teams’ localised payroll calculators. Get accurate calculations for salaries, taxes, and benefits for your employees in 70+ countries around the world.

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Native Teams’ platform will ensure that your new employees are getting all the mandatory benefits like healthcare, insurance, and pension. Through our platform, employers can also offer additional benefits like access to co-working spaces or gym membership.

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your Thailand Employer of Record?

Native Teams has established legal entities in 70+ countries worldwide to help businesses streamline their operations during their global expansion process.

Our teams of tax and legal experts are readily available to assist you with hiring-related matters, from global payroll and tax frameworks to administrative HR tasks and risk mitigation, all while complying with local labour laws.

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