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Uzbekistan EOR Services

Recruiting and onboarding new employees in Uzbekistan can pose a significant challenge, as employers must follow strict labour laws and regulations. With the assistance of Native Teams, you can concentrate on your business's core activities while we manage the laborious tasks for you.

Why use an Employer of Record services in Uzbekistan?

Once an employer decides to hire a new team member in Uzbekistan, they are required to set up a legal presence in the country, a process that can take several years to finalise. This typically involves tasks such as registering an office address, opening a local bank account, and adhering to tax laws.

By utilising Native Teams’ Employer of Record services in Uzbekistan, your business can start operations in the country without the necessity of establishing a legal entity. This not only saves considerable time but also guarantees compliance with local employment regulations.

How do EOR services in Uzbekistan work?

By utilising our Employer of Record (EOR) solution in Uzbekistan for hiring new employees, you maintain complete control over their responsibilities and daily activities.

In the meantime, Native Teams assumes the role of their legal employer, managing administrative tasks such as salary processing, tax responsibilities, and benefits. Your sole responsibility is to make payments to the leasing firm to cover these costs while we handle all other aspects.

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Requirements for employment in Uzbekistan

The section below will outline several of the legal and tax requirements for employment in Uzbekistan:

Written employment contract

Employment contracts in Uzbekistan should be documented in writing and include details of employment conditions and the agreed-upon salary. These contracts are considered valid when signed by both parties.

Minimum wage requirements

Employers in Uzbekistan are obligated to pay their employees at least the minimum wage set by the government. Minimum wage rates may vary depending on the region and the employee's level of experience.

Social security contributions

Employers are legally required to contribute to employee social security funds on a monthly basis. These contributions cover various benefits such as pensions for old age, survivors, disability, maternity, and other related issues.


Employers in Uzbekistan are responsible for withholding income tax from their employees' salaries and remitting it to the tax authorities as per the country's tax regulations.

Tax identification number

Before commencing hiring activities in Uzbekistan, employers must obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for their company or organisation. This identification number is necessary for tax reporting purposes and is obtained through the relevant government authorities.

Notice period

Employment laws in Uzbekistan mandate that employers provide a notice period of at least one month before terminating a permanent employee's contract, ensuring fair treatment and adequate time for transition.

Providing healthy and safe working conditions

Employers in Uzbekistan must adhere to occupational safety and health laws to ensure a clean and safe working environment free from hazards. Compliance with these regulations is essential for safeguarding employee well-being.

You can read more about hiring in Uzbekistan in our Knowledge Base.

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Features of Uzbekistan Employer of Record with Native Teams

Employment status

When you onboard fresh staff members through Native Teams, they will be appropriately engaged under our entity and will be provided with a contract that adheres to all the employment laws and regulations in Uzbekistan.

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HR administration and documentation

We'll streamline HR administration through automation and store your employees' documentation within the Native Teams dashboard, granting you instant access with just a single click.

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Global payroll

Figuring out salaries, taxes, benefits, and various deductions for your international staff can be difficult. Our payroll calculators will make this procedure easier, enabling you to handle payroll for your entire global workforce on a single platform.

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Your newly hired employee will be entitled to receive all obligatory perks in Uzbekistan, including healthcare, insurance, and pension coverage. Furthermore, you have the option to provide additional benefits such as gym memberships and wellness choices if you wish!

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Why choose Native Teams as your Uzbekistan Employer of Record?

Native Teams operates through legal entities across 65+ countries worldwide and is recognised for its outstanding Employer of Record (EOR) services, facilitating companies in their expansion endeavours into Uzbekistan.

Our team of experts in taxation, law, and compliance is fully equipped to support you with all facets of employee recruitment and remuneration. Additionally, we efficiently handle diverse administrative tasks such as HR management, payroll processing, risk mitigation, and more.

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