Gig Economy Payment Solutions

Transform the way you manage payments with our Gig Economy Payment Solution. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business collaborating with independent contractors, you can effortlessly handle gig economy payments while complying with local regulations in 65+ countries. With Native Teams by your side, you can streamline your gig economy operations and say goodbye to complex financial processes.

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What is gig economy payment solution?

The Native Teams Gig Economy Payment Solutions make it easy to send and receive online payments without opening a legal entity or worrying about local laws and regulations. Our solutions are created to simplify real-time payments, make and receive faster payouts in your preferred currency, and allow you to focus on what you do best - your job.

Features of Native Teams gig economy payment solution

Get comprehensive solutions to manage payments in the gig economy effortlessly.

Invoicing system

Easily send invoices to your local and international clients from anywhere across the world, even without owning a company. Native Teams’ invoicing system allows you to create personalised invoices, share them with your clients, and get paid on time, wherever you are. 

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Payment requests

Simplify payment collection with Native Teams’ quick and secure payment request system. Get your funds delivered directly to your virtual wallet and establish maximum control over your finances.

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Virtual wallet

Get access to a single virtual wallet to manage all your client transactions. Control your balance anytime, add funds or make payments in any currency you want, or withdraw directly to your Native Teams card. Take advantage of simplified funds management with just a few clicks.

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Native Teams card

Get a physical Native Teams card you can use online or at any store in the world. Utilise simple and secure payments, maximum convenience, and the lowest fees possible.

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Benefits of gig economy payment solution

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International payments

Effortlessly send and receive online payments in your preferred currency from clients worldwide, ensuring seamless transactions across borders.

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Quick and easy invoicing

Generate and send professional invoices to your clients, helping you to simplify the billing process and maintain a transparent record of transactions.

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Centralised platform

Our platform is designed to provide an organised overview of your financial activities and help you monitor funds flow, track various expenses, and make informed financial decisions.

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No administrative burdens

Get rid of overwhelming administrative tasks by automating payment processes and financial record-keeping. Let Native Teams handle administration while you focus on your job.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does gig payment work?

The users of our Gig Payment Solution can send and receive online payments through our platform without opening a legal entity.

The solution facilitates real-time payments and fast payouts in the preferred currency and provides a centralised virtual wallet for managing all financial transactions. You can invoice clients directly through our invoicing tool, receive payments into your virtual wallet, and withdraw or shop online with the Native Teams card.

This way, you can utilise your funds in the most convenient way and maintain maximum organisation and control over your finances.

How much does this solution cost?

The price of Native Teams’ Gig Payment Solution can vary, depending on the scope of features, business size, and type of assistance you seek. Take a look at our pricing page, or schedule a demo call with our team to get an accurate estimation of costs and explore convenient pricing options for your needs.

How long does it take to set up an account?

To set up an account, you’ll be required to provide us with personal details such as a full legal name, a valid email address, social security number, and other relevant information. Once you deliver your personal details, Native Teams must verify your identity in accordance with KYC checks and regulatory compliance obligations. The verification speed typically depends on how fast you provide our team with the required information and documentation.