Employment contracts North Macedonia

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Employment contracts North Macedonia

Get your free employment contract in North Macedonia through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in North Macedonia include? 

The following should be included in any North Macedonian employment contract:

  • Employer and employee full names and contact details.
  • Employee’s official title and responsibilities at work.
  • Work’s beginning and end dates if the contract is for a specific time frame.
  • The days of the week and working hours the employee must work.
  • The sum of the employee’s salaries, bonuses, and other compensation.
  • Specifics on how and when an employee’s contract will end, including any required notice periods.

Before signing an employment agreement, both the employer and the employee should make sure they thoroughly understand all of the terms and conditions.

What types of employment contracts exist in North Macedonia?

There are 3 types of employment contracts in North Macedonia:

1. Employee contract

A variety of employment contracts may govern employer-employee relationships in North Macedonia. They consist of the following:

  • Indefinite-term contracts: Contracts with an indefinite duration are used for positions that are meant to be filled permanently because they don’t have a set expiry date. They are terminable by either the employer or the employee, provided that the contract terms and applicable local labor regulations are met. The contract should be confirmed in writing, and you should be registered for health and pension insurance before your first day of work.
  • Fixed-term contracts: Employment contracts can be renewed or extended if both parties agree to do so and the employer sees fit. In most cases, temporary or seasonal jobs will be covered by contracts with a defined expiration date. In other cases, the time limit is set to expire at the work’s completion or a predetermined event’s occurrence. The longest possible contract duration for a fixed-term employee is five years. 

2. Author’s contract 

Author’s contracts are agreements signed for the author’s literary, scientific, or artistic works. This contract will outline the parameters of the work, the author’s rights and responsibilities, the publisher’s duties, and the author’s compensation.

3. Service contract

A service contract is an agreement between a service provider and a customer that specifies the terms and conditions under which service will be rendered. Usage examples include when a client employs a service provider to complete a single project or provide ongoing services throughout a set length of time.

How to hire employees in North Macedonia?

Hiring in North Macedonia requires strict adherence to all applicable labor laws and regulations, including employment contracts, minimum salary, working hours, and employee benefits. Employing people in North Macedonia typically necessitates setting up a shop as a legal entity. 

As a result, you’ll need to go through the proper channels with the Macedonian government to get your company registered and assigned a unique identification number. Alternatively, you might use a company specialising in international recruitment as a resource. 

Finding reliable, up-to-date sources of employment information for each of the countries in which you’re interested in making hires can be difficult. In addition, with our Employer of Record service, Native Teams can manage all of your payroll, HR, tax, and other related needs.

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