Employment contracts Cyprus

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Employment contracts Cyprus

Get your free employment contract in Cyprus through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in Cyprus include?

An employment contract in Cyprus should include the following information:

  • Identifying details of both the employer and employee, such as their names and contact information.
  • The job title and duties of the employee.
  • The specified working hours and days for the employment.
  • The agreed-upon salary, additional perks, and bonuses.
  • Termination provisions, including notice periods, for both the employer and employee.
  • Mutual agreements regarding non-disclosure and confidentiality.

Both parties must carefully review the terms of the employment agreement before signing it.

What types of employment contracts exist in Cyprus?

Employment contracts in Cyprus can be classified into several categories.

1. Employee contract

These are the most common types of employment contracts in Cyprus, which are further divided into two categories:

  • Indefinite contracts: This type of contract has no fixed end date and provides job security to the employee. It continues until either the employer or the employee terminates it with appropriate notice.
  • Fixed-term contracts: These contracts are for a specific period or a particular project. They automatically terminate at the end of the agreed-upon duration without needing notice. Fixed-term contracts are often used for temporary or seasonal work.

2. Probationary contracts

Employers may use probationary contracts to assess the employee’s suitability for a specific role during an initial probationary period. After the probation period, the contract may be confirmed or terminated based on the employee’s performance.

3. Temporary contracts

Temporary contracts are employment agreements with a specific end date or duration. These contracts are commonly used to hire employees for a limited period to meet short-term business needs, such as covering staff shortages, handling seasonal demand, or completing a specific project.

How to hire employees in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, when recruiting employees, it’s usually required to establish a legal entity within the country. This entails registering your company with Cyprus authorities and obtaining a business registration number. Moreover, full compliance with local laws and regulations in Cyprus is essential.

Nevertheless, with the assistance of Native Teams’ employer of record services, you can focus on the daily activities of your business while we take care of the remaining tasks. We provide extensive support for legal hiring in Cyprus and numerous other countries across the globe.

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